Mar 16, 2015

4 Kid approved ramen spots where making a mess is accetpable

Quick Ramen recipe. Perfect soup for fall!
Photo from Pinterest
I'm a firm believer that kids get better at going out to eat the more you take them. You can use these opportunities to introduce new food types and flavors as well as practice behavior around large groups of people. We have always taken our kids out, even suffered through many of a mangled meal when they were young. All of that however has turned my little ones into quit the food adventurers-even more so than me!

In the last year or so we've been eating Ramen. Recently, we've tried several spots sometimes as a couple and several as a family. I've shared a few spots that we love and that have kid friendly menu options some even having kiddie chopsticks (like what you see below from

Check them out and head on over for a taste.

Ganso 25 Bond Street Brooklyn, NY (kind of dig their old school playlist too)

Hog Wild Dino Sticks Party SetChuko -552 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Naruto Ramen - 275 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Bassanova Ramen - 76 Mott Street, NYC (if you are going here please note the entrance is tucked away via a set of downward leading steps.  The entrance is not stroller friendly per se but with help you can manage.) P.S. The dumplings will make you smack somebody they are so good.


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