Jul 21, 2015

Check out Berenstain Bears LIVE and win a FREE family fun pack

That fury family we all came to know and love, The Berenstain Bears, are back in New York City performing their musical “Family Matters” live! Adapted from the children’s book series by Stan and Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears LIVE! is NYC’s #1 musical for Mamas, Papas, and Young Cubs that will give boys and girls of all ages the chance to fall in love with these characters, just as their parents did when they were growing up.  

The Berenstain Bears LIVE! features an original score by Michael Borton and a book by Borton and Michael Slade. The Berenstain Bears LIVE! is produced by Matt Murphy Productions. Did we mention that each performance features a FREE Berenstain Bears post-show dance party, face painting and photos with the Berenstain Bears?! Chic Busy Mom approved, no doubt.

  • The Berenstain Bears Live! show runs until September 23, 2015 with the Bears performing every Saturday and Sunday at 11am
  • Located at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (MMAC) Theater
  • Running time: 55 min.
  • 248 W 60th Street, New York, NY 10023
 For more information on the show, click here.

It get's so much better – Enter to win a family four-pack to see the show with your entire brood. Here's how:

1. Follow @ChicBusyMom on Instagram, re-posting the image below with #BerenstainBearsCBM and tagging three friends!

Winner will be drawn on August 4, 2015 12 P.M. (EST) and notified via direct message. Good luck!

By Brianna Arps

Contributing Writer

Jun 10, 2015

Get Your Grill Master Game Up ****Giveaway*****

BBQ season is probably one of my favorite times of the year. We pull the grill out of the garage, dust her off and pretty much make dinner on that baby at least 3 times during the week. Our favorites are shrimp & fish, corn and of course burgers and chicken. Our grill isn't that big and its actually electric, in fact we are in the market this season for a new one. For a family our size we need a grill with a little more muscle. My dream grill would be one I could make multiple dishes on. #SummerGoals

When I heard that Kenmore grills were on sale at Sears I got super excited. Kenmore is one of those brands you can just count on to be around for the long haul. 

The Kenmore® Elite 550 Series 3 Burner Dual Fuel Gas Grill (at right) for example I think is the one for us. With a control panel that comes in five sleek colors to choose from, its also currently on sale for $679 through July 4th (can you say score?!!). That is a great deal for a grill with this level of features.

We like to entertain and the cornerstone to most of gatherings is the food. This beauty is perfect for us because it has a large grilling area that includes three high-performance stainless steel burners and built-in side shelves to keep food at an arm’s length to make preparation a breeze.  You know for my homemade BBQ sauce or for prepping my pizzas both of which I like to use together. It has many great features but a few that stick out to me are:

 ·         Tank gauge allows you to monitor propane gas levels and to know exactly when to replace the propane tank

·         Self-closing cabinet doors add a touch of elegance to your barbecue

·         Rust and chip resistant powder-coated doors keep your grill looking stylish season after season. Click HERE and see for yourself. 

Now that one is for us but you could choose from many grill options on the Kenmore website with all kinds of bells & whistles to suit your needs like rotisserie attachments, steamers, smokers, a refrigerator or even exterior LED control panels for night grilling!

1. How to get your grill ready for the season. If you are working with a gas grill like most people here are some great tips for getting your grill ready for the summer. Click HERE 

2. Family friendly favorites:
 The kids love pizza but I really prefer to eat the ones I make vs. store bought. My BBQ chicken pizza never disappoints so that will definitely be on the menu this season. Its very simply made with  pizza dough, grilled chicken strips, Gouda, drizzled sauce and cilantro (as a garnish). Layer it all up, place on heavy duty foil and cook till crust is golden brown and cheese is melted. Top with cilantro.

Grilled Shrimp (see above photo) with Mango Salsa - the key to this dish is the mango salsa which again is not fussy. Chop mango and one avocado into cube/diced pieces, finely chopped red onion and squeeze a good amount of lime and a dash of salt. Serve that on top of your shrimp with a side of Mexi-corn...YUM!!!

I have been detoxing lately so I'm super excited about introducing these salmon burgers (courtesy of Hood Chef and our BKLYN Combine BBQ) to the family as a healthy option. You have to add your favorite herbs and spices but they are so good. 


For more great grilling recipes click HERE

3. And lastly, if you are like me and need to seriously get your grill game up then you can thank me later for these great seasonal deals available through July 4th at Kenmore.com/grills 


As promised,  I'm also giving away three sets of A Taste of the Outdoors cookbook to three lucky readers. 

To Enter:

1. On Instagram 'like' the promotional post and 'Favorite' the Twitter post via the @Chicbusymom account.

2. Retweet or repost this promotion via your Twitter (and tag and tag @Chicbusymom @Kenmore) and Instagram  tag  @Chicbusymom @kenmoreapplicances and use #ArtofGrilling
2. Comment to this post
3. Like the Kenmore Facebook page

Winners will be selected by Sunday, June 28, 2015. 

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May 31, 2015

21 Day Detox: The Skinny

If you follow me on social media you know I'm doing a 21 Day Raw Food Cleanse or Detox. My main goal for doing the detox was to lose weight. Period, point blank.

I have been exercising for a few weeks and not losing weight. I needed a shock to my system- something to wake up my metabolism. I started working with a wellness coach on a referral from my friend Cassandre. Her company (my coach) is called The Orange Moon.

The raw detox designed by The Orange Moon is no joke- I'm not even going to lie to you. It's not something you can up and just do. It requires preparation in terms of meals and your mind. I originally thought I could just jump in but Michelle Mitchum the owner talked me off that ledge real quick. She worked closely with me to review my latest blood work, assess what I was trying to get out of it and make sure my current health could manage it and alert me to things I didn't even know were happening. After about two weeks we started.

Then there was the shopping from the very specific list she gave me and all must be organic! off to the store I went. I have to say, my saving grace is the fair amount of fruit I'm allowed to have.

Eating raw is a big change for someone who loves hot food. Anyway, fast foward to today, I'm 6 days in and down 5.5 lbs!! Yay.

If that isn't motivation along with the rude folks who keep asking me if I'm pregnant than I don't know what is. I'll check back in later and let you know how its going. xoxo

Stay tuned.         


May 5, 2015

Top 5 Things Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day

Underneath all the layers of unadulterated capitalism that you've come to expect around a big holiday like Mother’s Day often lies a really simple want. I bet you if you ask most mother’s what they would like this coming Sunday at least three of my five from below would be included. This year, why not take a nod from the folks who know best and skip the guess work? Print this, hang on your fridge and thank me later.

Read on for the Top 5 things Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day:

Uninterrupted Sleep – you have no idea what  a commodity this is until you no longer get it. No matter how many mother’s I survey the answer is always the same. Whenever the kids get up in the middle of night or the first thing in the morning, mom is the first person they tiptoe over to nudge. An extra hour or two of not having to move might just put the Olivia Beyonce Cookie back in her day.

A pass on making meals for anyone at all, ALL DAY – Seriously, get up and get in that kitchen and make a meal for her and for yourselves. Trust me, she love you for it.

A 'get-out-of-cleaning’ anything card – For clarity, this doesn't mean nothing gets cleaned, it just means that Mom doesn't have to do it.

All whining and crying must be redirected to the next senior family member for a full 24 hours- no backsies

Hand delivered homemade or easy items like cards or flowers pull at our heart strings so whip out the construction paper, glue, scissors and any other accouterment and get busy. 

May 1, 2015

Mom According to Us: An Art Benefit


My good friend Vicky produces an art show each year for charity. The past few years its benefited St. Jude's Hospital, this year however the show will be focused on mothers and motherhood with proceeds going to the daughters of a young friend of Vicky’s named Stephanie Lee. Stephanie was previously profiled in an Esquire story and ultimately she and Vicky became close before she passed away recently from cancer. Her touching story profiled below is one of pain & heroism fueled by an immense love for her family. 

Vicky recently asked me to participate in this year’s show and profile Stephanie's daughters: Marchelle who is 9 and Kamri, 19. I didn't blink two seconds before I said yes. 

The sale which takes place on May 17th in Dumbo Brooklyn at Creative Chaos (shout out to Mark Arroyo) will bring together artists, mother's and enthusiasts to celebrate Stephanie's life. We would love for you to join us and support this cause. You can find out more about Stephanie and her daughters as well as the event via this Facebook page.

Last but not least, even if you can't attend you can still support the girls by clicking here.Hope to see you on May 17th so we can do some good together!

Date: May 17, 2015
Time: 3:00 - 7:00 PM
Location: Creative Chaos - 28 Jay Street, (Dumbo) Brooklyn, NY


Apr 30, 2015

Fix My Photos: Eyefi to the Rescue

I love learning new things. I have no problem sharing what I learned so that other people can get better at what they are doing too. Sharing information allows the community as a whole to get better. In this case, the community I'm referring to are bloggers.

As a blogger I must admit that my photography started out as terrible. I realized in the last year and a half that I was in desparate need of a real camera. My iPhone 4S wasn't cutting it. I didn't have real camera money so instead I upgraded my phone to the new 6 which takes photos at 1.5 micron-pixels. My photos were clearer and I had a lot more editing options. I was coming along in the world that was until once again I compared my shots to other bloggers.

Over Christmas, I was gifted a Canon Powershot camera. While I'm still getting used to it, it does take great shots. The only problem is, I have to take the SD card out of the camera and go home and download to my computer. Not the worst thing you say but the extra steps basically deterred me from using my camera, sending me back to my iPhone as my crutch.

That is until now. Some friends of mine came to visit me in my office recently and dropped a golden nugget on my called Eyefi. Eyefi in essence is a wireless mobile transfer of photos via the Cloud. You can then take your camera quality photos and use them on all your social channels and your blog. It was like I had been given the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket.

I'm sharing this with you so you can also upgrade your blog life. I ordered my Eyefi on Amazon.com ($79) . After I followed the directions to download the app to my phone, swap out my regular SD card for the Eyefi one, followed by creating a profile (missed this step originally and couldn't get the transfer to work) I was all set. You can blow the images up really big without them becoming pixelated. I can not wait to take my In the Kitchen with Chicbusymom shots!!

Here are some of my first shots taken with my new camera and using my Eyefi recently at Brooklyn Bridge Park. What do you think?

Google Hangout: The Sisterhood of Motherhood

On April 28th I participated in a Essence Mommy Den Google Hangleout with bloggers, Notoya Green of Triplets in Tribeca and Ronnie Tyler of Black and Married with Kids. Check us out as we discussed the concept of community as it relates to motherhood.

Try to ignore how crazy this static shot looks here. :-)