Sep 23, 2014

7 Healthy & Green Recipes to Try with Your Kids

Getting kids to eat their greens is no easy task--Duh! Being creative with presenting veggies in a way that is familiar to children can be a good strategy to get vegetables off the plate and into those little  stomachs. Here are seven easy recipes to try: Photos via Pinterest

  Spinach Smoothie via Marin Mama Cooks 

Kale Chips via Modern Parents Messy Kids

Green Bean Fries via Super Healthy Kids 

Broccoli Cheddar Biscuits via Cooking With My Kid

 Artichoke Dip via Food Network

Sep 22, 2014

Cookie Cocktails: The Contest- Don't Miss It!

Would you like to win a free ticket to @theCOOKIElife’s #NYC #COOKIECocktails launch for female entrepreneurs? 

You know the one where I'm speaking and Renae Bluitt from In Her Shoes Blog is interviewing me (that's news is hot off the presses yawl).

You're Invited: #COOKIECocktails NYC Edition
Here is what you need to do to be entered (its sooooo easy):

  1. Repost the event flyer (purple) on your Instagram page. You can grab it here or easily from a post I recently did.
  2. Follow @theCOOKIElife and @chicbusymom 

Note:  Contest ends Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 12PM EST. Winners will be randomly selected and must 
be located in the NYC area.

The Baby Raincheck: Do you have a Family Plan?

 The Baby Raincheck
Essence magazine, September 2014 issue by Charreah Jackson

A baby girl is born with 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Those are all the eggs she will have for a lifetime. By puberty we have around 300,000 eggs and lose roughly 1,000 of them each month. 

I have been fortunate. When it was time to have children I had already met the love of my life during my much younger, hotter years (#realtalk). I honestly didn't put a lot of thought into having children I just figured when I wanted them I would just get pregnant. My husband and I both knew we wanted them and we agreed we wanted five. He was an only child and I had come from a big full house of kids so the rest was all she wrote.

I didn't really have to think too hard or figure anything out because my husband and I both were superhero baby makers. By the time I was 36 I had three children and we both knew that having 2 more was not an option-we were done! I was able to close off my baby making tunnels and settle into parenthood or our circus. Take your pick.

Our journey was not without a few bumps in the road. We had trouble with two out of three of our pregnancies. There was extreme Fibroid pain for our first that left me bedridden for 5 of my 9 months. I had pretty much sworn off children for a while after that. Then our second pregnancy was met with a rare disorder that left my daughter dangerously spending the 8 of her 9 months in between the layers of the amniotic sack instead of within it where she should be. 

By the time we got to baby #3, I was 35 and considered high-risk (given my two previous pregnancies compounded with age) but I believe a higher power had figured we'd been through enough. The last pregnancy was a breeze and pretty much uneventful. I'm also happy to say that all my children are healthy.

That's our abbreviated story but there are many women today who have a different one. They either are having trouble making babies for various reasons, finding partners to make babies with, or their partners have low motility sperm (slow sluggish sperm that's not interested in dancing with your eggs), etc. This is where The Baby Raincheck comes in. The article which I quote at the opening is based on an interview between the author Charreah Jackson (Essence Relationships editor) and Tai Beauchamp's (Style expert, philanthropist and media personality) decision to harvest and freeze her eggs for her future family. The article has sparked such a dialogue that the ladies put together a panel of health and relationship experts together to inform our women of their options and decisions they can make today to set the course for their future families. 

The event was hosted by Latham Thomas (wellness & birth coach, yoga teacher, and author on the vanguard of transforming the maternal wellness movement) of MamGlow as part of her salon series. She along with Charreah (moderator), Tai Beauchamp, Dr. Juliet Nevins (Obstetrician & GYN and author of as well as Dr. Michelle Callahan (TV Relationship expert and author of Ms. Typed) rounded out the discussion. It was an amazing evening and I want to share the highlights with you in the form of digestable tips. I hope if you are reading that this may help you or someone you know. 

From Latham Thomas- quote of the evening 'we have the sunshine between our thighs'--I'm totally using that again. More from this wellness genius...
  • If you know you want a family in the future its important to put as much investment in that as you do your career. You are never too young to begin this conversation with yourself from a very holistic perspective. 
  • Your body is a vessel, take care of it so it can do what you want it to do later.
    • How do we maximize our fertility? Be mindful of how you take care of YOU.
    • Before you can mother anyone you have to mother yourself first (my mom says to me all the time)
    • Feed yourself first. Be aware that food, media, and relationships are all things that affect your stress
      • Stress affects secretions. It programs cells (it can deter your ability to conceive)
      • Foods come with information- it can reprogram our cells for optimal health. Pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth
From Tai Beauchamp
  • Things to consider if you want to harvest your eggs
    • Have more than one healthcare consultation.
      • Be active participants in our health, go in with questions
    • Understand your end goal. Is it motherhood- do you want to raise the baby alone? Is it marriage? Do you want to have a partner in the process. All things to consider first.
Your physical self...via Dr. Juliet and Latham
  • Dr. Juliet- take care of your reproductive organs today for tomorrow
  • Be mindful of the HPV and other STDs that go untreated
  • Fibroids- Dairy is evil and you acutally don't need to drink milk. Dairy promotes fibroid growth. It's a reproductive byproduct it builds mass (bad word). It has hormones in it and as a result interferes with our hormones. 
  • Your womb is a sacred space where all your creative ideas are born
  • Listen to your whispers when they get loud is when you have an issue. Meaning, pay attention to the small things happening within your body before they become a bigger problem that is out of your control

My old friend Dr. Michelle Callahan
Always remember you have more options then you think you do. You have do your research and you have to truly  know what your plan is.

For more information and to read the article check out the September issue of Essence.

Sep 21, 2014

Sunday Funday: NY On Location Street Fair

A little red carpet action
Its been a while since I've taken the kids on an excursion so when my fellow blogger friend Danielle from Dellahsjubliation posted about the New York on Location Festival this AM I was like BOOM! I said to my hubby this is what I want to do today.

The all day street fair (11am-5pm) and celebration highlighted the work of the experienced professionals who make what you see on TV/film possible.  Some of your favorite/memorable scenes were shot here in NYC on location (get it?) The event took you behind the scenes to see how it all works.

We headed to Astoria, Queens which is code for Long Island City to Kaufman Studios and the Museum of the Moving Image.

My oldest is interested in film making so I thought this would be fun for him. Unfortunately, in the end he as well as my entire male crew had to miss the trip.

My daughter and I had such a ball learning about all the behind-the-scenes to making film and TV shows. Keep reading for our photo recap- fun FREE times!!



Techno Cranes are used to get aerial crowd shots and such

TRAILERS are used on set locations for various needs from housing the stars, catering, hair & makeup to wardrobe and production offices. Trailers allow you to service all needs directly from the truck. 

Taking a bite out of Craft Services
A celeb's home away from home

Electrical Truck

Checking out how fight scenes are made

Did you know rain machines makes smiles?

I hope they do this again next year--it was really fun. I would love to know much more in advance so I can tell more people about it.

Sep 18, 2014

Cookie Cocktails: Turn Your Sidehustle into a Profitable Business

On Thursday, October 16th come out to Cookie Cocktails NYC Edition so we can chat about how we tap into our passions and make money while doing it.

Date: 10.16.14

Time: 6:00 PM

Hill & Dale
115 Allen Street, NYC

I hope to see you there. Click here to get tickets.

Aug 30, 2014

Mark Your Calendars- Events, events and more events for YOU

There is so much coming up that I couldn't fit it all in my IG feed! I figured it was probably best to just lay it all out right here in one spot for you to see.

You better mark your calendars starting with this event tomorrow hosted by my peeps at BKLYN Combine

**Adults Only**

Then we have a special treat happening on Sunday, September 7th in Dumbo, Brooklyn called the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party.                     

There is a live performance by Jazmine Sullivan, Tiffany McFierce and Olivia Dope will be DJing and a live street style fashion show (with reall folks picked from the crowd) hosted by fashion editor, Celia Smith and co-hosted Vanessa Simmons of the new Lifetime fashion competition show, Threads

There's even face painting for the kids and food trucks to fill your belly. Needless to say, I think it will be tons of fun! Hope to see you there. You can get more information  and let us know you are coming at


Then a few days after that on September 10th ESSENCE  is back at it with a pop-up salon event with Motions, Ursula Stephen and their Beauty & Style Director, Pamela Edwards-Christiani at Salon SCK. Check the details and be sure to RSVP!

Enjoy and let me know if you are coming to any of these events. I will be at them all!!!

Aug 4, 2014

Adventures of Pedicure Girl: A kid-friendly at home pedicure

My daughter loves a good manicure/pedicure, you may even remember I did a manicure party for her 6th birthday. In particular, she loves to take time out to get her nails and toes done with me-its a good mommy and me moment for us. The folks at Julep reached out recently and asked me to share my own summer pedicure story so it really made since to focus on Pedicure Girl and her next adventure.

When she goes she likes picking her own colors (she usually goes with a rainbow or a different color for each toe). Her favorite part is the warm towel oh and the massage gives her the tickles. Recently however we've been doing the summer vacation trips back to back so their hasn't been a lot of time to go back and forth to the salon so we've taken to perfecting a quick kiddie DIY at-home pedicure that has a few key elements to make sure those toes stay picture perfect. Below you will see our step by step pictorial that is easy to follow and replicate. Enjoy!

1. Before shot: This is a left-over pedicure from our recent trip to Puerto Rico. These itty bitties need help!

2. Our Tool Kit: I keep all these items in one place and tell baby girl never to touch them unless I'm around. Obviously this is a fun activity but its not something she can do alone.
  • Nail polish remover from Cutex as well as their touch up pen (the pen is perfect for fixing that extra polish that runs off trying to cover those tiny nail beds
  • Sally Hensen Nail Hardener
  • Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drops- quick dry is essential on tiny toes. They never sit long enough to dry properly so you will need something to speed up the process. I like these drops.
  • And of course your nail polish
3. The most important step I would say is to clip the toe nails and file them so they have a good shape to prevent ingrown toe nails and promote proper growth. I still use my baby nail clipper from my hospital care kit because it handles their small nail beds gently. 

4. To the right is my CND cuticle oil which I apply to the cuticle followed by lightly pushing them back with tool to the left in the picture.

5. After all this I wash the toes off with a warm towel, apply a moisturizer and massage mostly to make her happy. We then apply a base coat to protect her natural nail from the nail color.

6. Our color of choice for our upcoming St. Lucia trip with be Tart Deco from Essie. Its bright, looks good on our brown skin and is perfect for the beach. I'm going to put it on my toes too.

7. Ten perfect toes all done. Now if I can just get her to sit still for 15 minutes so they can dry!!

Well that's it for Pedicure Girl latest adventure. We are soon headed to blue waters and bright sunshine, yay! We can't wait to dip our toes in some of Julep's new colors for the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more toe talk.