Apr 10, 2016

Construction Tales: Stories from Within

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A few weeks ago, my husband and I embarked upon what we were told was a 4-6 week master bedroom suite construction project. It began with the gutting of the entire top floor. The goal was to have a master bedroom suite, complete with a new bathroom, walk-in closet and an office. My mother in law had been previously living on the top floor and considering she's getting older we opted to make the switch to have her move down a floor and us to move up one.

For now, we've moved her into the living room with her racks of clothes, bags of shoes and trays of perfume. The construction team built a faux wall of plastic, and a 2 x 4 frame with zippers to keep most of the dust out. I"m thankful for that.

The day they ripped out the chimney however left a trail of black dust on the floor that turn the socks of my little ones black as well as our bare feet. When I got in the bath that night I was surprised to find a trail of little black footprints in the tub and my rugs were dirty from the construction boots.

The following day I asked the contractor to lay down paper after I mopped so we wouldn't get some weird foot infection from air born carbon monoxide (made that up in my head). Even still with all that in place some days there a weird smell or a light dust on everything on the second floor. I get nervous because of the children and the house is so old.

We are now going into week four and I'm doubtful they will be finished on time (since they took a week off unexpectedly). I'm undeterred though. Take a look at some of my inspiration for what will become my new master bedroom. Stay tuned for the final reveal.


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