Aug 1, 2011

2011 Paul Frank Awesome Tour

On Saturday my son's godmother and I took the 6 (my five and her 1) kids we had between us to the Paul Frank Awesome Tour stop in Dumbo, Brooklyn at Powerhouse Gallery.

There was a cool tricked out Paul Frank bus parked outside the bookstore where the kids could get on and take a looksie at the full line of Paul Frank merchandise (translation--spend my hard earned money) as well as go online using these cool cubes with touchscreens built into them. The baby was really into that.

Inside the kids got PF tattoos (which they still have on 'mommy can you wash around it'), made silkscreen bags with Julius' face on them and played ping pong (might I add I kicked some ping pong butt while I was there!), and ate tons of Pirates Booty. By the time we got there we had missed Julius himself (awww) and the Real Housewives of NYC (doing just fine without).

Aside from the super loud mind-bending electric guitar duo that had me running for the hills with my stroller, the afternoon was lovely. Fun FREE times, thanks PF Awesome Tour.

For more information or a tour stop near you, go to

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