Jul 25, 2011

I have 4 children now...

Now I haven't lost my mind- my husband graciously offered to watch his cousin while his uncle recovers from a hip replacement. So what that means is for the last month we have gone from 3 children to 4. Child number four is 9, is obsessed with rap music lyrics (not ones he wrote but Biggie's and Tupac's), computers and basketball. He walks around with the iPad all the time pumping music and reciting verses from it like a new wave Radio Raheem (a la Do the Right Thing).

I'm not complaining because he's really no trouble and is a help with the baby. But damn can that boy eat?! I go through a loaf of bread and a container of OJ in half the time. So if you thought having 3 kids was expensive think again.

I did however get him to rake the yard, take out the garbage and he can clean a mean table.

Tomorrow the 3 oldest are going to Bear Mountain and I can rest a little easier that their cousin will be an extra set of eyes for baby girl (while at the pool).

Anyway, for those of us thinking or embarking on 4 (NOT ME!!) its ultimately not that bad at all and the oldder they get the more help they are. Lil Biggie is here for another week and I think when he leaves we will all miss him.

Best part, my husband's aunt called yesterday and wants me to watch her grandaughter friday night---that will take me to five youngins!!! Woosah, gonna definitely need some alcohol when this is all over.

Ok, that's it, one collective prayer for me.

-Smooches Hot Chicks,

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