Jun 20, 2011

New trend alert: Baby Gaga hair accessories

For the last 3 days my daughter (or Baby Gaga) has been rockin this yellow 'vanillaroma' air freshner as a hair accessory. She swiped it from our car and everytime I try to hide it from her she somehow finds a way to wrap it around her finished ponytail.

Its now getting dirty and the bottom is ripped off but alas this morning she found it yet again. To make matters worse, daddy told her what a fashion plate she was and how she has 'individual style'. She was cheesin ear-to-ear. Her teachers told her she was starting a new trend and that everyone would have these on walking down the streets (not helping people!!)

I'm all about fostering character and individuality but a damn air freshner?? Hopefully, she'll get 2-3 more days use of it and it will get so gross that she'll throw it away on her own OR maybe I'll support her habit and go to the car wash and buy her a 3-pack.

hehe- I crack myself up...



Wendie, Mom to 1 busy 3 yr old said...

I absolutely love this blog!! This is an amazing trend ..Sorry Mom.. Think about this, she's bring a fresh scent to every place she travels. As ALL kids do, they pick up the weirdest things!! My son, 3 years old, is virtually obsessed with rubbing the inside of my Elbows.. YES THE PART THAT IS ON TOP OF THE ARM!! I mean, every single day he comes and rubs my skin, and it drives me crazy.. but you know what, I've gotten to the point where I don't half way mind the rug burn effect as I used to, and nearly don't mind him putting his little fingers in the crease of my arm quite as much as I used to.. So needless to say my advice to you is to say go to an warehouse and stock up on pretty colors and fresh scents, so that she has an option to choose which color and fragrance with each outfit. You will definitely see her personality come through, as well as how creative she is!! Explore it!! And Let her become a "fashionista"!!

Mom of one,


chicbusymom said...

Thanks Wendi, I'm happy to report that she is on to something else.