Aug 2, 2011

McQueen and Bellinis- what a lovely pair!

The other day I went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit for the second time. The first time I went I had to rush through because I got the most incredible muscle spasm that I could barely stand up straight to even enjoy the damn thing.

The exhibition, which closes August 7th has increased the METs membership by something like 46,000 people I heard (Note: if you are a member you skip to the front of the line). The line on any given day is an 1hr and 30 min. long -and people really wait! But when I tell you what you see is the most amazing display of craftsmanship, tailoring, creativity and sheer genius-its truly not to be missed. The MET should also be commended for capturing the spirit of Mr. McQueen enveloped within a very impressive set of production and technology.

I even took my daughter on visit 1 because I wanted her to capture that moment in time with me. Later, I happily bought her a replica of McQueen's Armadillo shoe (shown above) as a keepsake. Not to disappoint, she broke the heel on as soon as we got home--Nice!

After the second visit some friends and I took the bus down to Cipriani's to wrap our palettes around their velvety bellinis. They were tasty so I just wanted to share a pic.

Good times! If you are in NYC please go see it before time runs out.

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Fred said...

A true NY experience: a hook-up into the hottest exhibit in NY then a bus ride to one of the most legendary restaurants in the city for $20 cocktails. #thats_howyadoit