Apr 28, 2011

All Dressed Up For Surgery

Today my baby girl had surgery. It was a necessary procedure for quality of life purposes. She was amazing on the days leading up, in the waiting room and even during the anesthesia (I of course was a wimp) and last but not least she had a smooth transition in recovery. So for that I'm eternally grateful my blessings.

But alas, this post is not really about the surgery (see Post Title). This post is about my mother in law (Mima as the kids call her) and my mom (Mimi respectively). You see my mother-in-law lives with us (clear the smirks and looks of awe-we are kind of like besties), and when it was time to leave for the hospital (at the crack of friggin dawn mind you!!) I walked out my bedroom door only to find her in a pair of black pants and her red church blazer. LOL! Where are you going Mima? End scene.

Fast forward to after they take baby girl into the operating room and my mom arrives from NJ (note: Baby girl apparently has invited her to the hospital because its going to be 'special Mimi so you should come') and what does she have on? A royal blue linen suit- I CAN'T! Should I point out that I have on my jeggings, Forever 21 $7 shirt and my Nikes (I knew I would be coughed and spit on and potentially get a lil hurl in my lap)?

These two are so funny together, kind of like Thelma and Louise or Lucy and Ethel but I couldn't help but allow my nervousness today be interupted by the two of them in their Sunday best for surgery. I really shouldn't be surprised (mommy used to wear 3" heels to the laundromat when we were little. Respect her gangsta.)

You got to love it and them. I am lucky to have them in my life not just for support on a day like today but for the endless jokes they give me.

So thanks Mima and Mimi - you are my two favorite church ladies. You gave me a little comedy relief on a tough day. Love ya.

P.S. You should totally have your own reality show :-)


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Losing in the City said...

OMG, love this.. a reality show in deed.. "red church blazer", "linen suit".. where were they going :-)