Apr 26, 2011

My baby walked today and I didn't see it!

I have a 19mth old who hasn't walked yet-its only a topic of conversation because my other children walked around the same time (13 mths).

We've tried all the tricks- coaxing, holding his hands, baiting, I even bought him shoes with special ankle support (can you say expensive?) and nothing. But today all of a sudden he decides to walk. And guess who wasn't there? ME!!!!

I was so burnt about it that I tried and tried along with my mother-in-law to get him to walk when I got home and nada.

I think he knows exactly what he's doing and is totally taking his time soaking up all the attention that comes with the only non-walker in the house.

Any suggestions on what to do? You'd think I'd be an expert by now but clearly I could use input.

My ears are open.


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