May 9, 2011

Mommyshine: Celebrating Mothers Year 'Round

This is a long time coming and I have someone truly spectacular to put a little shine on. She is my friend and former roomate (back in our All the Single Ladies days) and she is the ultimate CBM (chicbusymom...c'mon catch up will ya'?). Her name is Shawaun Johnson, she's a mom of one and has a big time job at Tommy Hilfiger (she's one of my mom idols-yesiree!) and her story goes a lil something like this:

1. How old is sweet baby Nyla? 2 years old

2. What do you do (in lamens terms) for Tommy Hilfiger? I am the V.P. Merchandising and Design for Women's and Accessories- Tommy Hilfiger Company stores
-Lamens terms: I develop and decide what product will be sold in stores and monitor in-season selling to come up with strategies to maximize sales and profits.

3. Is there a lot of travel/time away from home?There is travel approx once a month either visiting stores in the U.S/ Canada or traveling to Europe to shop with the design team (sounds like fun-insert idol definition here).

4. How do YOU balance work and personal life? Do you think you are good at balancing it all? I am still working on it! I have a good support system. It helps that I have a partner who has his own company so he has some flexibility with his schedule. My parents also live 20 minutes away and they are both retired, they help out a lot, last but not least we have an amazing nanny that Nyla adores.

5. How do you categorize 'me' time and how often do you get/take it?'Me' time is after I put Nyla to bed and I am able to sit down with a glass of wine with Amani (my partner). It's also when I can get together with close friends for a drink or dinner after work. Either our nanny will stay late or Amani is home. We both understand the importance of staying active with friends.

This is rare, but sometimes when Amani is away on a business trip my parents will watch Nyla and I have the entire house to myself!!

6. What is your favorite thing to do with Nyla as gals about town in Brooklyn? I love going to music class with her on Saturday mornings. I also love going to this cafe next to our house..... I will grab coffee, and she will have yogurt. We sit by the window and talk about what she sees (awww- insert second 'idol' reference here).

7. Also, how do you keep yourself and your family healthy? We stay healthy by eating fresh organic food. I am also a nut about making sure when it's cold we are layered with, hats/ gloves and proper boots.

8. What's something you think you could be better at?I think I could probably plan ahead better and anticipate things further out in my personal life like I do at work, so I am not scrambling to get gifts, send cards etc...

9. Give the other CBMs out there your five top fashion tips for the season (keep budgeting in mind)
-Invest in a good bag and a pair of shoes. It will make any outfit look more pulled together instantly

-Borrow from the boys: Go into your partners closet and wear his shirt with a pair of leggings and flats- instantly cool

-Mix it up: Wear a lace cami with cargo's or a sequin skirt with a t-shirt. Never look too serious

-Shop your closet! We all have clothes buried in the back that never see the light of day. I promise you will find something you didn't expect and will feel like new when you wear it

-Some skirts work great as tops, try it with a skinny Jean or leggings.

10. What's five things do you always keep in your pocketbook? What's in there that may surprise us?
1. My wallet (of course)
2. Cell phone
3. Keys
4. Makeup bag
5. Mints or gum
Surprised maybe that I have two blackberry's. When I started my new job I decided to keep my personal phone separate from work. It helps me to stay focused on my family during the weekends and check work during a set time and not constantly.

11. Your usual lunch is?The four s's......I change between salad, sushi, soup or soba depending on my mood and hunger level

a. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, although I am not very active

b. Home cooking or eating out? Eating out b/c we don't do it as often as we used to
c. Ideal vacation? On the beach somewhere warm and quiet with a great pool, beautiful spa,good food/drinks with my family

d. Complete this sentence: 'If I needed help I'd call'... My mom (I am still a mama's girl)

e. Do you have a guilty pleasure? If so, what is it? My guilty pleasure is The Real housewives. I can't get enough!

f. Please share one tip that has made your life easier as a mother (that could possibly help another CBM out there). Don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes your partner doesn't realize how tired and that you just can't kneel down tonight and do bath time after a long day of meetings and stress. Ask for help, it's ok

I hope you ladies enjoyed this one. Just know, we are all here taking it one day at a time in our own chicbusymom way.

Ok that's it, stay glued for more upcoming Mommyshines and some cool giveways also on the horizon.

Smooches Hot Chicks,

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Losing in the City said...

wow, love this new feature on the site..great way for other CBM to get some tips to balance their life and doing it all.. here's a little mommyshine to you as well for creating this space for mom's.. looking forward to seeing more mom's on mommyshine