Dec 9, 2010

The Wrap Up

Its been a busy week mommies but I tried to do it chicly (made that up). Got a few pieces from Norma Kamali for Walmart - made well and I love them!

Now let's jump right in...

1. About that workout plan...ran 3 days last week and none this week (had sick children). Husband and I are trying to run tomorrow in AM.

2. Ate salad every day this week for lunch (this crap better work man). Need to get on the scale but retaining water this week (know what I'm saying?), so I'll probably wait until next week.

3. Baby girl had a vicious nose bleed this AM and blew a blood clot (can you say FROZEN and freakout out!). Daddy grew up with nose bleeds...scary ones that I got introduced to when we started dating. So not looking forward to that. I guess its back to the Ear, Nose and Throat doc again.

4. Babe took me out for a drink tonight at the Dumbo General Store. Had warm, rum apple ciders- so good! Got up off the bar stool and nearly fell off. Get this girl a glass of water, she's a lightweight. The beautiful culprit is below:

5. Made Tacos and Quesadillas tonight...yummy.

6. Twitter was acting up, couldn't log on for days. So annoying, sorry tweeps!

7. Work is crazy town...I'M THE CLIENT, DID YOU FORGET THAT? Well don't.

8. Saw a Mackage coat in the NOS Dumbo store, a beautiful piece of art but $610...Really? Not while Norma is whispering sweet nothings in my wallet. Hot though right?

9. First floor is so cold, upstairs is a sauna.

10. Family photos hopefully this Saturday (fingers crossed)

And a partridge in a pear tree. Kiss those babies and love yourselves. Have a great weekend.

Smooches Hot Chicks!

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S W said...

I love the Norma Kamali for Walmart line! I have one dress and ordered two from the sale section today lol