Dec 6, 2010

Dinner Party Virgin

Yesterday I deflowered my new home with our first real dinner party. You see, I have an older home that needs lots of love (you know the expensive kind) and with the small village that I have you can imagine that my home is last on the list to get TLC.

While I was away in NC on Thanksgiving however, my husband decided to clear out all the remaining boxes on the first floor leaving a beautiful open blank space.

On Friday, I found out from my son that daddy had invited people (his business partners) over for dinner on Sunday (wait--hold on! wha?). Anxiety began to take over because when I have people over --I REALLY HAVE PEOPLE OVER! I'm an event planner after all, I don't do things likes this small or without thought. My husband assured me he would help me cook as he could see the look of alarm in my face (every time we spoke another person got added-sweat, sweat, wipe). One kiss on the forehead later and I decided to get excited about the whole thing and make it an event!

On Saturday into Sunday (5:40am) I awoke to find my husband hugging 'the bowl' with a terrible case of food poisining. At about 7:30 am when he was still at it I suggested to him that we postpone the dinner since he didn't feel well, of course in his own man way he didn't think anything of just having them over and 'we'll figure it out'. You can reference the previous paragraph on how I feel about those matters.

Anyhoo, I decided to power on and pack up all 3 children at 8:45am Sunday morning to head to stores (We began with getting them breakfast, followed by Target, then onto the supermarket. By the time we returned at 2:30pm the kids were all hungry, winey and there wasn't one more place to put anything else in the car- and I still had to cook!

Long story short, the dinner party was lovely and everyone raved about the homemade basil pesto salad dressing we made for my White Bean Arugula salad (you can get the real version at Le Pan de Quotidien (so freakin good)) and my Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches(yum). Like these:

Quick Tip: If you have as much to do as I did, semi-homemade is the way to go here. You'll need:
1. One bag of Pillsbury cookie dough (not the roll but the pre-cut square kind in the flat pack).

2. Vanilla frosting (see pic below) or Vanilla ice cream

3. Semisweet chocolate chips (you need the bitterness of semisweet to balance all the sugar in the rest of the desert).

Obviously you need two cookies for one sandwich so based on how many ppl you have coming you can be the judge on quantity. The key here is too let the cookies fully cool before filling them with frosting/ice cream.

I piled mine up in a snowman tin that I got from Target and put out on the table (and the crowd went wild as they say 'insert football hysteria here'). Toot toot!

And for the record...honey you have no idea the can of worms you opened. I'm thinking Girl's night, Potlucks, Kids movie nights...

Cheers to little fuss, easy partying
Smooches Hot Chicks!


Unknown said...

CPM, I'm loving your blog!!!

I didn't know which to write to...

Aside, I wish we lived closer to friends and family to have such parties, b/c I would be all over it - with my VERY limited cooking skills and all :-)

Please keep writing b/c in addition to being my "professional referencer" you are my inspiration!

Mommy who's still trying to figure it all out!

grace said...

I am sure it was fabulous as everything that you do. I would love to seen photos of this dinner. Let me know if you want me to come over for a dinner to take some photos. ;)!