Oct 31, 2015

Host a Party like a Boss

The holidays are coming and so are the parties. If you love hosting gaggles-o-folks like me then here are a few tips to get your through the upcoming holiday season while channeling your inner home chef. Follow the #CookLikeAPro  hashtag to see how using new suite of Kenmore Pro kitchen products will have you hosting like a Boss in no time. Below I share a few of my tried and true tips.

1. Prepare - Nothing saves a headache like planning in advance. Lay out your menu and ingredients or call the caterer. Figure out your theme or color scheme and necessary decor. You get the picture. Do not let your event sneak up on you.

2. Budget - Set a budget and stick to it. Back all your remaining needs into that number. This way you don’t have to eat Ramen for the two weeks following your party.

3. Menu - A no fuss menu is key. After you take into any dietary considerations make sure you create a well rounded menu that is complimentary to each other. For example, pigs in a blanket are great but not when you are having a mainly Thai menu. That's just weird and all the different flavors will make for a stomach ache.

 I also find that individual/self serve situations are great like these mini apple crisps or the brussel sprout and pancetta flatbread above both of which you can whip up super fast with Accela Heat technology from the Kenmore Elite ovens. This feature can save you an extra 40% in time cutting out all that pre-heat time. If you are feeling fancy you can put one of each in the Kenmore Pro Double Wall Ovens and watch that True Dual Convection brown not burn your foods evenly.

4. Drinks - Consider having a signature cocktail that you pre-batch a few days in advance like this Mother's Milk (pictured) or Harvest Margarita.  Both of them can be made using the new Kenmore Elite Blender. To round out your bar you can
couple these with one red and one white wine. Tip: Not everyone is wine savvy. Check your local store and ask for recommendations and don’t forget to ask about delivery. It will save you time in the end.

5. Set up - Ask friends/family to help you lay out  the service areas. It will be important to put the food and drink in opposite areas of the room for a good flow.

6. Childcare - if your event is adult only then make sure you arrange a sitter that evening for you little ones. This way you don’t have to worry about them being bored or running around your party trying to blow out your candles.

7. Capture the moment- assign a friend who takes great photos or hire someone but you will want to have this moment captured for memories.

8. Outfit - any good host rocks out her outfit. Plan your attire in advance and make it grand. When you open the door you must remember you are also on display.

9. Splurge on hiring a cleaning service to come in after the party. It will be the best money you have ever spent. After everything is all done you will be so tired and will be glad you spent the extra dollars here. If budget is an issue you can also enlist friends and family who didn’t help with setup to help with the cleanup.

10. Most parties you end up with lots of leftovers. To avoid waste have guests bring containers with them to take to-go.

You don't have to be Kerry Latch (Kenmore Executive Chef) to have a kick ass spread. You can get this all done with a sleek and chic Kenmore Pro kitchen of your own. Just follow the quick links above and get started today.  #AD

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