Aug 10, 2015

Kids hair and the tools to help YOU!

My kids have all different types of hair. I don't have to do the oldest ones hair anymore but I do have the purchase the tools. Recently, my son got a fade (low on the sides with hair on top) and his barber introduced him to this tool that helps him make small twists sections with the twist of the wrist.  I also saw it on my friend's Instagram. You apply whatever product you want to the hair first (we use Design Essentials Gel) and then just use the sponge brush in a circular motion to make the twists. It comes out so nice and the twists are even all around. More importantly it literally takes 5 minutes. This is what it looks like - you can get one from a beauty supply stores for under $5

The other tool you need in your life is this detangling brush. I picked this brush up from our beauty closet at work and then promised myself I wouldn't add it to the pile of products that I collect but don't use.

One night when I was washing my daughter's hair I decided to whip it out in hopes that it would make what is normally a very stressful process somewhat easier. This brush is truly a life saver. She didn't whine or cry and it detangled  her hair so quickly. I was in shock.
Run don't walk and get yourself one. I also used it on my son's mohawk as well and yep, no whining or tears.  Either way, it works like a charm and its called The Original detangling hairbrush by Tangle Teezer and I took a picture of this one at Ricky'.


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