May 31, 2015

21 Day Detox: The Skinny

If you follow me on social media you know I'm doing a 21 Day Raw Food Cleanse or Detox. My main goal for doing the detox was to lose weight. Period, point blank.

I have been exercising for a few weeks and not losing weight. I needed a shock to my system- something to wake up my metabolism. I started working with a wellness coach on a referral from my friend Cassandre. Her company (my coach) is called The Orange Moon.

The raw detox designed by The Orange Moon is no joke- I'm not even going to lie to you. It's not something you can up and just do. It requires preparation in terms of meals and your mind. I originally thought I could just jump in but Michelle Mitchum the owner talked me off that ledge real quick. She worked closely with me to review my latest blood work, assess what I was trying to get out of it and make sure my current health could manage it and alert me to things I didn't even know were happening. After about two weeks we started.

Then there was the shopping from the very specific list she gave me and all must be organic! off to the store I went. I have to say, my saving grace is the fair amount of fruit I'm allowed to have.

Eating raw is a big change for someone who loves hot food. Anyway, fast foward to today, I'm 6 days in and down 5.5 lbs!! Yay.

If that isn't motivation along with the rude folks who keep asking me if I'm pregnant than I don't know what is. I'll check back in later and let you know how its going. xoxo

Stay tuned.         


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