Mar 22, 2015

My Weekend Bedroom Refresh: 5 Things You Can do Too

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place you come home to unwind and relax after a long day. That place should be a calming respite filled with all your favorite things-or at least that's what I've been told or read on all the home blogs.

For the longest time our bedroom has been a clothing dumping ground with papers shrewn about or piles upon piles of random crap my hoarding self couldn't bare to throw out. My husband and I both work really hard so not having our own space was the opposite of relaxation. It was time for a refresh, hell we deserved it! Plus I pretty much design experiences for a living so it was poor form that my own home didn't reflect that. With that said, I am doing in a few phases. There was no big budget for this, so doing it on a dime too was the only option.

Take a look at it Phase 1 (new duvet, wall hangings and pillows)-what do you think?

I've also put together 5 affordable ways YOU can do for a quick update to your own sanctuary that will have a big impact.

1. Accent wall- pick a wall to paint or add wallpaper too. A bold color will give your room a focal point as well as provide visual interest.
stunning bedroom with black walls, leopard accents, gold, black and white! SWOON!
Photo for credit on image.
Deep #teal bedroom wall #color with pops of fuchsia. Loving the octagonal #mirror and console as well!
Found on

2. Hanging photos or prints - Take a walk around your home, if you have artwork from your kids or prints you haven't hung yet, maybe it can work in your room. A lot times you have all the tools you need right under your nose. I had two family photos someone had blown up, dipped in resin and layed on wood that I never hung (going on 2 years now). They would be the anchor. You can also buy cheap typography prints which are popular right now for less than 20 bucks (Home Goods, Marshall's and Etsy are good options). Similar to the ones shown in my picture. I bought 'Enjoy the Little Things' for $16.99 and 'Do All Things With Love' for $19.99.

3. Bedspread/Duvet Replacement or Rug - a new comforter or rug is a great new base for a room. Either will ground or provide a center to the overall space. Have some fun too, buy two contrasting pillows in another texture to provide depth and/or a colored sheet set for a magazine worthy vibe.

4. Pick an Accent Color - use that to accessorize the other areas of your space. If you stick with this color throughout it will appear thoughtful and will give levity to your space. It can be a vase, antlers, set of small bowls, sheets, color in your framed prints or an accent table for example. I'm using gold/yellow like what you see below both from

yellow bedroom accents bhg              yellow home accessories bhg

5. Storage & Organization- having clearly defined areas of storage in or outside your closet makes a huge difference. Whether its jewelery trays or ring holders, to baskets for magazines, to shelves for your shoes. Places like Ikea, the container store and Home Goods have great options. Take the time to edit yourself. You don't need to keep everything. (going to be Phase 2 for me).

Tag me on IG so I can see your great refresh ideas. Om shanti!

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