May 6, 2014

May is for Mother's Box in conjunction with Cocotique

Hey folks, I'm super excited to share the following news with you-so much so I think I might burst! Late last year I began conversations with Dana Hill creator and founder of COCOTIQUE about doing a box together around Mother's Day. if you don't already know, COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty box subscription service for women of color. Each month delivered right to their door, subscribers receive some of the best beauty and lifestyle products specifically targeted to their unique needs and desires. I know its true because I've seen the box and tried the products :-)

Dana and I began talking about creating this box that would celebrate all the moms in our lives. A box that would help her kick back and take a load and relax and finally a box that would handle her gently just like she deserves. 

We both began the journey of sourcing great products just for her and I'm so happy to share with you our labor of love. Below are the final products for our upcoming May is for Mother's Box brought to you by Cocotique and Chicbusymom. This is my first commerce project yall'!!!! Clap for your girl. Check it out:

Badger Foot Balm 

Curls Defining Movement Curl Release Serum  

Natural Style By Fubu 
Curl Defining Gel
Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash
Curl Elongator
Men’s 3-in-1 Wash

Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance 

Naked Bar Pit Cream Natural Deodorant

You can pre-order or signup for your box  here: Discover Your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal. Get 10% off your first deluxe beauty box subscription from! Use code BOX10.  You can also click the Cocotique banner on the right side of this page this way they know Chicbusymom sent ya!

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

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