Apr 28, 2014

Wendy Williams, Burlington and The Moms Mashup

Last week, I was invited by Melissa & Denise from The Moms to attend the book launch of Wendy Williams new book, Hold Me In Contempt. Wendy Williams is probably one of the hardest working women in media. Her career from radio personality to talk show host, to actress and author has been a careful and strategic chess match and she's clearly calling the shots.

Even better than going to hear what this power player was up to next was the added bonus of the event being sponsored by Burlington. I can't wait to get over there this week to pick up some new duds and show them all to you. Its definitely time for the summer/spring fever refresh of my wardrobe. Special thanks to The Moms and Burlington for the gift card.

More about her romance novel, its a spicy read (think 50 Shades of Grey with a side of hood). The main character Kimberly Kind is a successful lawyer trying to come up and meets King--the man who lights her fire. Together they...well you and I will just have to read the book to finish that sentence. I've started it over the weekend, bringing it to my daughter's soccer practice this Saturday. I got far enough in to realize I need a book cover **faints**.

Today, she was on The Chew plugging her book and making jalapeno poppers with Clinton Kelly. They were all talking about page 109 (sounded like the kind of page that would make your aunt clutch her pearls **blushes**). Well, if you read it, let me know what you think by posting a comment (especially about page 109).

Enjoy the photos below courtesy of my blogger friend Nellie Acevedo from BrooklynActiveMama. Thanks Nellie!!

Here are some more photos from the event:

Denise & Melissa of The Moms Network and Mamarazzi events

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Beauty and the Bump said...

great recap. It was nice seeing you at the event.