Oct 5, 2012

Mama Got a Fall Facelift

Now that we are back-to-school, my mornings are jammed with making breakfast, lunch and if the leftovers run out--the occasional dinner . If I’m feeling extra supermom-ish, I might get in a load of laundry. So, while my look is important to me, most would be surprised by the lack of time I have to put myself together. Aside from prerequisite panty line/Spanx check I usually focus these four things to get my-own-bad-self out of the house:
  1. A work appropriate and hopefully clean outfit
  2. A statement necklace (kind of my thing)
  3. Pulling my hair back or running my fingers through it (5 minutes tops)
  4. And making sure my shoes are either in my bag or under my desk at work

So the other day when I rushed past one of the mirrors in my house and caught a glimpse of myself I was caught off guard by the woman looking back at me. She looked tired and lacked color in her skin. It occurred to me that I hadn’t been drinking a lot of water and haven’t been to the gym lately but I also was in desparate need of a skin-pick-me-up.  Not one to wallow, I decided to do something about it. It was time for a Fall Facelift (no surgery required).  I had a day off coming so I set off for my favorite stores to re-stock my makeup kit with a few beauty essentials. Check out a few things from my haul:

  1. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Black Eyeliner, $7.99
  2. Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer in Deep Tint, $42.00
  3.  NARS Marnie Lip Pencil, $22
  4.  NARS Lipstick in Vendanges,  $24
  5.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- SPF 20, Illuminating, $43
  6.  MAC Powder Blush in Raizin, $20

Fast forward a week or so later and I’ve been using them to create a nude look (primarily inspired by June Ambrose’s Instagram) and just a more finished face. Here’s my routine:

  1. I put the Illuminating Moisturizer on first (cheeks, nose, forehead and chin)  but while the shiny pigment in it has a highlighting effect  its needs to be toned down a bit for my skin so I put the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer over it .
  2. This is followed by a sweep of the MAC Raizin blush.
  3. I use the eyeliner on the tops of my lid to do a hybrid cat eye that isn't too severe for work but still gives my eyes a bit of a pop.
  4.   Lastly, I line my lips with the Marnie pencil followed by the Vendanges lipstick (I put a little of the illuminating moisturizer on my lips pre-color because the formulation is trained to sit in place and to give my lips a little kick, and keeps them from drying out as well).
Guess what happened, I’m not tired looking mommy anymore.  I did something for me and it made me happy. There was also a bonus which came in a wave of compliments from the peeps around me. I want to point out that  it may seem like a lot of work but  it's very easy and doesn't take me more than 10-15 minutes once I get to work to do (TRUST, I wouldn't even bother if it required more).  I’m quite pleased with my Fall Facelift and you busy moms out there can get one too. We deserve to look and feel our best right?! So tell me have you done anything recently to wake up your look? Leave a comment and let me know.


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