Sep 7, 2012

Guest Post! Fierce Fall Fashion

Hi folks! Miss me much? How is everyone? You don't write or call...teehee just kidding.

Did you get your kids off to their first-day-of-school yesterday (well it was yesterday for me)? I'm sure you have completed all your back to school shopping which is why its time to focus on ourselves for a bit (rare I know...).

That being said, its Fashion Week here in New York so we are going to spend a little 'she-time' on tips for getting our wardrobe Fierce Fall ready for less with the help of our guest blogger, and image curator Monica Barnett from Blueprint for Style. Check out her post below and let her know what you think.  Thanks Monica!

Fall Fashion With the Trend, Without the Cost

Chic doesn't always mean pricey and chic most certainly doesn't mean "lots". Chic is about choice - making a decision to look and thus feel, a certain way. I continually remind my clients & readers of my style blog, Blueprint for Style that style is about choosing wisely and being intentional. 

There's no better time to test your fashion discipline and know-how than fall -- September marks the biggest month for fashion and for many, the biggest spending month in terms of closet acquisitions. What's hot this fall?

The color NAVY
Prints (try mixing it up)
The color WINE
Menswear-inspired suiting 
Pointy toe heels

You can get caught up in any/all of these trends pretty easily. Who doesn't love the ultra-fem peplum that creates shape for those without, and highlights curves for those already well-endowed. I took a few pieces and here's what you'll LOVE about this look:

It's reasonably priced
It takes advantage of a few of the current trends
The look plays nicely with other items you already own
The color goes wonderfully with your standard black but just as beautifully with your camels (from last fall season), and this season's navy
The look offers options to go from desk to date, and work to weekend
It downplays the mid-section concern many of us may have 
Anything you choose creates instant polish and achieves an "effortlessly chic" look
The pieces can appeal to the most sassy or even the more conservative among us

Even without "mom" status this is fun, versatile, pulled together, easy & chic, and on-trend without going to far -- problems solved! 

Shop The Look Here:
Black wideband leggings, $31 (if you have a bit of a midsection, this wide band is awesome!)
Black heeled sneakers, $79 {I scooped these for myself….}
Panel tote bag, $79
Isabella beaded necklace, $175 [I believe firmly that investing in the right accessories is the answer to wardrobe longevity]
Stingray cuff bracelet, $80

And if you want to check out more from Monica you can follow her on Twitter @Blueprint4style or her website at

Happy shopping CBMs,


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