Apr 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Jamaica

I went to Jamaica recently to celebrate my friend's 40 birthday. Some of us brought our husbands (me!!!) for a much needed break from the norm. We had an amazing, re-energizing time just enjoying the moment at the luxurious Round Hill Resort and Spa in Montego Bay.

Here's a recap in photos...

This is Dean at the mic, he was the hotel's lounge singer. He was awesome and had a great voice. My friend Nancy is trying to get him to play at her birthday party in the states...he reminded me of Evander Holyfield only cuter and with both ears.

 Weird evening entertainment- yes that is a lounge chair on his head!

Beautiful sunsets...


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vanita said...

wow i'm so jealous. hubby has promised me a trip to Jamaica and i've promised him one to Amsterdam. who knows how old the tots will have to be before we can do those trips, but none of the kids are coming with ;)