Aug 26, 2011

Roadtrip recap

So as you know the family and I hit the road 2 weeks ago for our vacation. First stop: Maryland/DC for my son's football game. Not a lot of pics here. It got super rained out and we had to run for our lives- literally!

We then took our soaked selves up to the Gaylord Resort in the National Harbor in Maryland. Really beautiful hotel and super family friendly. The kids had a blast. We spent a lot of time in the pool and had the lovely pleasure of some friends stopping by the hotel to hangout with their kids, even had birthday dinner with my brother-superb!
I must confess we never made it to the White House because I didn't realize you need a congressman to sponsor ok. I'll just dial them up next time. We did go to the Air and Space Museum. Of course they didn't like it and got on my nerves--totally should have opted for the zoo. Sigh, next time.

Anyhoo, after 2 days there we headed down to Hilton Head, SC for a few days of beautiful warm weather and the beach!

Aside from the jelly fish outbreak and my oldest getting stung (note: if you get stung spray vinegar and put wet sand on the bumps right away) it was all kinds of cool. I got to go to the spa, daddy got to play golf. P.S. when I came back from the spa this is how I found my baby #wheretheydodatat?.

On our way out we stopped by Tanger Outlets to pick up school clothes-can you say done and done? While there we asked the locals where should we stop to eat--we received more than one referral for Kingfolk Gullah Restaurant. It was by far the most amazing meal I experienced throughout my entire trip and the owner was so lovely. I had fried grits with shrimp and andouille sausage gravy and a nibble of this skillet cornbread. It remind me of my grandmother's cornmeal cornbread-so damn good!

That was our last day so we set our sights for Lumberton, NC to visit my family. I didn't get to see them all due to the agressive timeline but I did get in a few like my mother's 3 sisters and all my father's brother's, and some cousins. I got to meet my auntie's new boo and the boys got to take a picture on his tricked out bicycle. It was very cool and had a better sound system then I have in my house.

That Friday we headed to Greenville, NC about 2 hrs. from Lumberton for my husband's family reunion. Another hotel and have to say, by this point I was tired of moving all our bags from place to place and you can imagine the amount of laundry I had with 4 children (yes, we did it twice on the road and yes I'm still talking about laundry). But I digress, the annual fish fry was delicious and my husband and kids devoured the bushel of crabs they had there (all that cracking and pulling was not really for me).

I got to kick back a little since the kids got scooped up by various aunties, etc. an did a little shopping and drink some Moscato-my current fav.

The kicker was coming home-what a trip?! Between the weather, the bad food, soda to stay awake and the four hours it took to get off the NJ turnpike you could have stuck a fork in us. Those kind of vacations leave you needing 1-2 days of recuperation for realz!

Nevertheless, we got in a lot of pool time, beach time, and family time. All good in my book. Did any of you guys take any vacations this summer? We'd love to hear about them. Please share.

Oh!! Almost forgot, if my sister is reading this, yes I did stop in Lumberton for your jumbo can of Boiled Peanuts. Smooches!

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Losing in the City said...

looks like you guys had a great time.. i love a road trip..i have never done a really long one though, definitely must add to my bucket list :-)