Aug 11, 2011

CBM is hitting the Road!

Hey Hot Chicks,

When evaluating going on vacation this year it wasn't very long before we realized getting on a plane with 5 people was more than our lean pockets could handle. We decided to do what a lot of families are doing and go on a road trip. The cost of gas in our SUV was surely going to be less than plane, hotel, and food on some beautiful, Caribbean island where I wake up to the morning sun and the waves crashing outside my window (oops wandered off for a minute).

I have created this map (its a little janky but you get the point) so you can follow along with me. Strap yourself in cuz here we go! Starting Saturday morning, yours truly and my entire brood are leaving NYC (#1) and setting our sites for Maryland (#2) and the Baltimore Harbour. We will kick it off with my son's first football game followed by a birthday dinner with my little brother. On Sunday, I think I will visit some friends (while daddy plays golf), maybe take the kids to the Capitol/Tour of the White House and then prep for our Monday morning drive to Hilton Head, South Carolina (#3) for two restful days (well I hope they are restful days). Daddy will probably be playing golf early in the AM and I plan to get to the spa. There are all sorts of family activities and I plan to exhaust them all!

On Wednesday, we will head back up to Lumberton, NC (#4) for a visit with both my parent's sides of the family. The kids love this because there are like 20 other people their age and the adults are instantly outnumbered 3:1. We'll probably do a lot of visiting in a very short amount of time and maybe get in some bowling, boiled peanuts, and Mello Yellows before we head on down to Greenville, NC (#5) on Friday for my husband's family reunion (we will basically repeat most of Lumberton's activities here except there will be the addition of this year's annual family reunion t-shirt in the opposite of this season's color (insert I'm Too Sexy for here).

On Saturday/Sunday my husband and I will bid adieu to our two oldest and Lil Biggie (he will head home after the reunion) as they stay for an additional week in NC with their grandma and cousins. I plan to do a lot of cleaning and organizing off my house while they are away. It truly looks like a tornado came through here.

Anyway, I'll try to post while I'm on the road but if I don't I promise photo recap with plenty of behind-the-scenes antics to share.

Does anyone have any crazy vacation stories to share? Post them in comments, I want to hear all about them.

Hugs and Kisses,

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Unknown said...

I am still laughing at the Lil Biggie comment. LMBO! Have a safe trip.