Jun 10, 2011

Out of the Closet

Happy Friday Hot Chicks!

Today's post isn't about me telling you I'm gay and have decided to change my course so to speak. Its about my closet and most specifically the one under my desk.

Yesterday, my son (the 7yr old) came to work with me. At lunch we hung out and chatted it up while he created 3 amazing abstract impressionist pieces of art based on Power Rangers Samurai of course (see right). At one point during lunch he gets up to walk around the other side of my desk and says, 'Mom, look how many shoes you have under your desk! This is ridiculous!!, I can't believe this! Um really dude? I pay my bills, how about you?

Now to my credit, I feel I have mentioned this before, our home is very old and we haven't done a great deal of work on it since we bought it so my closet is super small. Additionally, I have a small shoe habit so to avoid any level of financial alarms with my husband or 'Babe you are a packrat and could be a candidate for Hoarders blah blah blah' conversations I keep them at work and 'out of the closet' per se.

So that's the back story but it gets even better--we get to my husband's office after work (and the horrendous monsoon) and the little Brutus blows up my spot to everyone (clients included). I believe his exact words were, 'guys you won't believe how many shoes mommy has under her desk!'. Nice.

I'm just saying, can I have a little slice of something that's mine and not have to feel guilty about it.

Dayum, outted by a 7 yr. old. Hey buddy, guess who will need who first! He is really lucky I love him (a whole lot).



Fred said...

I do the same thing (with less financial value) with recyclable bags. My boo gets into a cleaning fit and edits my stash at the house (some of them are in very good condition). I know have a file cabinet (which really should be for files) that is becoming a growing stash of bags.

chicbusymom said...

I save bags too...but you know they bring the critters.