Jun 13, 2011

New Lunchtime Obsession...

Been watching my weight lately and my new food obsession is Bulgogi. Its Korean marinated rib eye usually served over rice. I have been going into the lunch place downstairs for the last 3 days and telling my guy at the counter hold the rice but give me the vegetables from the Bim bim bop (another tasty Korean dish).

After he gets over the 'what are you doing to my dish' shock he hands over my lunch and I run back to my desk to devour. Its so good and filling and allows you be fulfilled at lunch without all the guilt.

Stay tuned as this CBM tries the Skinny Jeans Detox this week as well. I think I'm giong to need prayer for that one...:-)

Peace out hot chicks,


Losing in the City said...

i have yet to try the bibimpop.. i need to give it a shot, but i need the rice :-)

chicbusymom said...

@losing in the city...let go of the rice. Release the rice!