Dec 20, 2010

Road Raging Pig, Lil Vader and Scorsese Jr.

The kids have such interesting quirks about them. The latest batch of quirks make me wanna laugh, scratch my head, or clap my hands with pride like the mom from the Nutty Professor (all together now, 'Hercules, Hercules!).

My one year old has earned the title of Road Raging Pig for two reasons. One, he has no shame in rolling over anyone in the way of his walker.We have all gotten caught by the walker in question without our shoes on or been backed over or rolled into. You'll get no baby apology, only a smirkish grin (loosely translates to, 'what are you gonna do hit me?') that makes you think he did that s*&t on purpose!

PIG (if you look closely you'll see his mouth is full), HIS WHEELS & VADER ...

The 'Pig' name stems from the fact he literally eats ALL the time. He will not only eat his baby food which is basically one of each of these since he is still rockin' with just four teeth...

BUT then gets on the floor, crawls over to whoever has a plate and begs for more food until you give it to him. The begging consists of loud yelling and hands outstretched which we equate to 'give me some grub!'.

He is never EVER full (similar to a Guppy) and even resorts to picking things up off the floor if you aren't looking. My husbands says he's seen him lick food up off the floor (can you say GROSS?!) I'm sure you are wondering why we would let him lick food of the floor but I assure you this is not a case for ACS but truly the antics of a slick Pig. He slides himself over the food in question then slyly put it in his jabba jaws. Chomp, chomp, chew and repeat.

This brings me to Lil Vader and Scorsese Jr. My poor baby girl is a snorer-I think I have told you this before. She literally sounds like Darth Vader and what's even worse is my oldest has taken to shooting video on the iPhone including full on snoring sessions with his sister in the starring role.

I thought about posting one of these so you could hear for yourself but then I thought about her getting older and having to hear/see this post on my blog. She'd probably be mortified so I'm opting against this (gimme my mom-has-a-heart award).

Anyhoo, Scorsese Jr. has gotten really good recently filming these mini documentaries and I think my husband and I are going to start a small website for him to upload his mini videos to encourage this creative stage he is going through. The best part is he never tells you, you are being filmed. You just happen to look in the phone and there are these interestingly shot clips.

Who knows, maybe he will create a winning short, get financing at Sundance or direct an Oscar winning film.

Nevertheless, this is my crew and I love them (quirks included). One keeps my floor clean, another is a built in alarm system and the other will eventually bring fame and fortune to our family (hehe).

I knew all that pain to bring them into the world would be worth something one day damnit!

Do your kids have quirks? I'd love to know that the Animal House I'm running over here is somewhat close to normal. Do tell...

Smooches Hot Chicks!

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