Nov 15, 2010

Pizza for One

My son is seven and on Mondays he has swimming. After which he is usally very hungry so more often than not dinner is superceded by a 'pick up snack', today that snack was pizza (I should note, this is by far my son's favorite thing to eat but he has eczema so its also one of the worse things he can eat as tomatoes dry out your skin).

Nevertheless, my husband met up with us after swim class to drop off our son to me (had already picked up the other two) and of course my 3-year old wanted pizza as well.

My son however decided he was not going to share (really for no good reason at all except I think he just didn't want to do it) with his sister. After a 10 min talking to from his father he was still undeterred.

He seemed pretty upset about the fact of being forced to share so I left it alone and decided to just stop and pick her up a slice of her own.

When we got home and he opened the pizza box I saw he had 4 slices. I was obviously even more disappointed that he wouldn't share given this new slice number information and I thought to myself -had I done something to make him treat his little sister this way so often or was is just the 'I was your only child for 4 years' (and I just want a little something just for me) angst.

Anyway, its not a one-off but I am hoping one day he and her hit the smooth waves of brotherly/sisterly love.

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