Nov 12, 2010

Mama's in LA...

So I've been in LA for the last two days doing site inspections for an upcoming event we have and aside from the horrendous traffic (WTF???) I like this city. There are unsightlies walking the streets all times of the night (just like home) but the weather is just the best.

I had some great meetings and I must have seen 17 locations-can you say wiped out?!

Anyhoo, the thing I want to talk to you about is this Pedophile Handbook and I was in my hotel room last night and watching cutie patootie, Anderson Cooper when I came across this expose (I'm having trouble with links so you have to cut and paste):

This author, Phillip Grieves has basically written a handbook to show pediphiles ways to get around law enforcement with 'acceptabl touching, kissing' etc. He also has another book on Amazon and CNN also outted another author on Amazon peddling a title that ultimately could get in the hands of a sexual predator and more disturbing could affect a child.

I will let you watch the clip but what I find equally troubling is Amazon's slow response to the issue and reprehensible support of these types of authors on their website.

I literally became disgusted watching it and feared that all the publicity he is getting, while helpful to eventually censor him, will also drive more pediphiles to purchase what I'm sure is some sort of Bible for them.

'Our'Social Network has created multiple monsters...we can not accept this and why is allowing this??? Stand up mamas and let Amazon know how you feel.

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