Apr 8, 2008

Punching Up Your Family's Palate

So I don't know about you but cooking for your family can get totally boring when you are busy. You know how it goes...you've got a limited amount of time to get things done and not a lot of wiggle room to be creative.

Your poor family has gotten used to spaghetti or some chicken dish (which they eat without complaint) but honestly if you looked back on your dishes over the last few months, how often have you repeated them?

Now let's be clear--I'm not Wolfgang Puck but my food is pretty good. I have totally graduated from my weekly college meal of Terriyaki wings and a baked potato. My family should be happy I'm making them fresh meals, I mean some people don't cook at all...right?? WRONG.

Why settle for ok meals--punch up your family's palate with simple meals that are interesting and different. I promise they will love you...AND your husband will be beside himself (you know what I mean). That whole thing about a way to a man's heart is through is stomach is so true!

Anyhoo, I'm sure you are saying, does she really think we believe she dreams up innovative meals if she is as 'busy' as she says she is? Nope, sure don't--I use cookbooks to save time, especially ones focussed on shorter prep and cook times. The most basic dishes become an adventure when you add things you don't normally cook with. It also opens your eyes to new things. Mo'Note: As I mentioned in a previous post, I do not make my family the guinea pigs--I only used books that people have recommended to me.

I've taken to making these meals primarily on Sundays. Since I work late most days I do want to try and make sure my kids get well-balanced meals throughout the week. Mo'Note: I make one-two major dishes on Sunday. One goes in the fridge for later in the week and the other they get to eat right away. If your house is like mine then they don't really get down with leftovers, so that alone keeps me on my toes.

To really punch up your meals (in your own unique way of course-this is just mine), I serve them on my various platters and my buffet table. These are the people that help me every day...I think I can hook them up with plating the food plus I've got a thousand dishes in my cabinet. Find your inner rockstar and make your meal a uniquely fabulous one.

Mo'Note Roundup: Let's recap shall we

1. Cookbooks are you friend. Get recommendations from your friends and try some new innovative dishes over an upcoming weekend

2. Make two meals on Sunday or whichever day you choose to cook a big meal. Put one in the freezer for later in the week.

3. Finally, figure out what's your thing and do it up-just pick one thing to define your family dinners. It will be something everyone can look forward to and will make you a star.

-Smooches Hot Chicks


MsGotRoxs said...

Hey Mama Mo...your fellow mama chica concurs...But here's what I found works for the fabulous busy mom. Remember that ole' crock pot your grandmother still has and you have turned your nose up at? Well I've got news...there is a new and improved version waiting to get into your hot little hands and kitchen at your local Target. You can set it for up to eight hours, leave and run errands or go to work and wallah! your meal is done. So what can you put in it? Chicken, cornish hens, and a great cut of beef sirloin work best but expand your mind, look up some recipes on the net! Have fresh basil, cilantro and parsley on hand along with lemons and limes and you have got yourself some succuluent chicken. All you have to do is make some rice and a veggie and dinner is done!
Mrs. GotRoxs (Steph)

Unknown said...

PREACH Mama Mo!!! Great minds think alike!!! I’m a firm believer in making two-three major dishes and a few sides on Sunday. That way, I have options for lunch and dinner for a few days. While I’m not a mom, I work late and using my time to prepare meals on Sunday goes a long way in the week.- Glynis (HU Alum'96)