Apr 26, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back...

There's a new literary trilogy that is virally igniting a fire (with mostly women) across the globe on every medium you can think of. That book is called, 50 Shades of GreyThe Seattle,Washington based story is headed up by the two main characters, Christian Grey, a powerful, insanely rich, businessman and Anastasia Steele a demure, nondescript college student. The story arch follows the dominant/submissive culture, an unconventional love story, page turning suspense and a whole lot of eye-popping sex!

I first found out about this book at work in our cafeteria one day when I ran into two friends discussing it. One said she read it and that it was like 'porn' BUT that she was trying to buy the other two to read. Clutch my good pearls! Porn? Not near the salad and soup!

About a week later, one of the magazines in my group did a cover story on the book. I read the article about the author, E.L. James; a TV executive and mom of two and her NY Times bestselling novels , new upcoming movie and  bankable success. Two days later, my office buddy came in talking about a new book she'd heard about from several of her mom friends. One friend told her she couldn't put it down, another that it was a great love story, and another was fretting about the fact that the print edition was on back order (might I point out that I heard the book downloads online at something like 1 per second)!! I had to see what all the hype was about. That night I dusted off my Nook Color, updated my credit card information and clicked download.

By the next day, my life had been turned on a tilt. A week and a half later I had read all 3 books and was slightly depressed that the stories were over. It was as if I was wrapped in a technicolor cloak of fantasy and intrigue. Yeah I know it sounds corny but it was true...damn if all that hype was true! None of my friends had read it yet so I unfortunately had no one to talk to. Mama needed a few recruits (fast forward 4 weeks later...5 new recruits and plenty of water cooler chit chat!!)

My friend and I Nook'ing it up on the train ride home
Now I'm not going to lie and say this book is beautifully written, that the author, E.L. James doesn't over use the English language to paint her pictures, that Anastasia Steele didn't get on my damn nerves or that I literally had to cover my mouth reading the raunch. So much raunch that its been called 'Mommy Porn'. Primarily because the majority of the trilogy's readers are moms. Which is no surprise to me. What I will say is that it was refreshing and inviting and the underlying love between the two characters is what binds it all together.

In my opinion, here is why there is an army of moms out there who like it:

1. It's a fast interesting read for those of us that don't have a lot of time and the author appears to be a regular wife and mother.

2. It is empowering in a 'raise my freak flag' type of way. You feel like you can speak up for what you want in the bedroom (one mommy friend told me she felt like she had more of 'voice' now). 

3. The book reminds you of your sexuality, that you can be spontaneous and kinky and that all of it still runs through your veins. Mother's often times get caught up with the 'lists' of day to day that we often forget that we can and used to be really hot! If you need convincing, check this sneak peek clip from the 50 Shades episode of Dr. Oz this week. The first woman really hits the nail on the head.

4. The portrayed dominance of Christian is something that women find sexy. Not that we want to be told what to do, how to dress or eat (as Christian often does with Ana) but we don't mind or actually really like our partners to take charge in the bedroom. A lot of women are running their offices and homes and the thought of releasing control in this area is well...very liberating.

5. It's is in fact a romantic love-story, albeit a very twisted one. If you've really truly been in love, you know the ride or die kind, you can relate to caring about someone so much that you would do anything for them.

I am quite sure that all this reading has sparked a lot of excitement in bedrooms across the world. If you search the #50shadesofgrey hashtag on twitter it will give you an indication. A lot of men who will never even crack open 50 Shades of Grey will benefit from this book and won't even know why.

So if you are in the mood for something a little different (not particularly new (i.e. Zane)) and want a good book to add to your repertoire. Download or buy this book today and let me know what you think. 

#LatersBaby (blushing as I type)


Vanessa (VDiddy) said...

I've been hearing about this trology of books left and right! Must download on ny Nook Color tonight! :)

Losing in the City said...

this book is amazing.. thanks to you for introducing it to me and for letting me know it's ok to bring out our sexy..

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

I've been avoiding all the chatter but man, I might have to read this. I blame you! LOL!

vanita said...

Thank you for this girl! if i saw one more bloody mention of this darn book without an actually review i would have had to go off to amazon to read reviews and i'm not a big fan of reading amazon reviews...thank you girl. great post! so happy to have found you!

Karen Hartzell said...

So many people are talking about this book! I was like Cam and avoiding it, but I think I need to break down and get it for my vacation read!