May 10, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Mommyshine with Tia Mowry

Chicbusymoms are you ready?! I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing actress, wife, haute mama and new author Tia Mowry. I'm so excited to share some of her personal tidbits with you. To be honest, I feel like Tia and I grew up together (another friend in my head I guess). I've watched her on television my whole life  from Sister Sister to  my weekly Tuesday night fill of her current show The Game.

How excited was I to find out that she had a new book coming out on motherhood, her journey and advice to new moms? I felt it was my duty to share her story with my readers and other moms out there, and low and behold she agreed!

I hope you enjoy this week's Mommyshine (personally I think it rocks), here it goes:

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What three things surprised you about Motherhood?

  • The first thing that surprised me was the lack of sleep -- I didn’t realize I would be so fatigued! 
  •  I also never knew how much love I would have for Cree; it is just so overwhelming and over pouring, and so unconditional! 
  •  The last thing is that I didn’t realize how fast they grow! By the time you buy a pair of shoes, they can only wear it once or twice before it’s time to go get them another pair.

What are you top five Mommy products?

  •  I love Skippy Hop Mats by Play Mats, they’ve been very beneficial for Cree playing! 
  • My Baby Bjorn Carrier was a life saver. 
  • Origami Stroller is by far my favorite and best stroller.
  • Bath Tub Rings are awesome - you put it in the bath and it keeps your babies safe from any slips in the tub.
  • I love my Jessica Alba Honest diaper bag, it’s the best.
  • 7th Generation Diapers -- I love them!

How do you find balance or do you being a working Mom?

I don’t know if you can ever find balance -- it’s a constant ongoing struggle. I take everything an hour at a time, and a day at a time. I also try not to get too overwhelmed. Having a calendar or something you can write things down on has also been a life saver.

When was the last time you had serious Mom guilt? How did you cope with that?

Whenever I travel,  I always feel guilty because I’m away from Cree. I wish I could bring him everywhere, but unfortunately I can’t. Do I ever think that that guilt will go away? No, I don’t.

How do you relax and have me time/hubby time?

We make time to go out to eat. It’s so funny, a lot of people say “date night” but when you have a child that wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning, it’s hard to go out at night. We try to do a lot of lunch dates -- if one of us isn’t working or is on our break, we’ll definitely meet up for lunch. 

How do you stay healthy? What's your daily regimen?

I drink lots of water, take vitamins, and eat well balanced meals: I eat tons of vegetables and protein.

What’s the biggest difference with your body post baby?

I have hips! Before, I never even had them or I never really saw them. But, I have hips now, and I love it!

Why did you decide to write Oh Baby?

I felt that there weren’t any books out there that were relatable for me, or what I wanted to know during my pregnancy. There were a whole bunch of books out there already that were from a medically driven standpoint, but I didn’t want to focus on all of the scary things that can happen during your pregnancy or during birth. I wanted to write something that was fun, comedic, and informative at the same time. I wanted to write something that was empowering about being pregnant, and about what a mother goes through physically and emotionally. 

What do you hope Mom's will take away from it?

I hope moms will enjoy the books and have a great laugh. Being pregnant is scary and that is an ancient feeling, whether it’s your first or second or third pregnancy. I hope moms enjoy my tips and find them helpful. 

Although I am a Mom, I am hearing that you don't need to be one to enjoy the book, is that true?

Yes! I talk about my experience while I was pregnant and working on “The Game”, so I think it’s rather interesting and funny to read about that experience. 

What is your Mother's Day wish?

That both my son and myself and my family continue to stay healthy and happy. I think it’s rather simple, but sometimes the most simple things in life are the best things that we need.


  • I wish someone would have told me how worried you are when you’re a mom. I was already a worry wart before, but now that I’m a mom it’s like whatever type of worry you had before has been heightened times a thousand. I wish someone would have told me that just by being a mom you’re constantly worrying about things, but it’s just part of nature.
  • Being a mother makes me the happiest woman in the world.
  • I’m a Chicbusymom because I keep it moving and I handle it with style and grace, and laughter!

Chicbusymoms what are your special Mother's Day wishes? We want to hear.


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