Apr 23, 2012

Cooperative Cleaning

My kids go to a coop based school, so with any coop philosophy this means as a parent/family we are required to:

1. Work two (4) hour work shifts per year

2. Join one school committee annually (space rental, gala committee, playgroup coordinator, etc.)- This year I'm on the Gala committee.

3. Show your participation in random pop op work shifts throughout the year

This is supposed to somehow defray cost that would have to go into hiring people to do all this work. I however am still bleeding rocks to send my kids to school (womp womp).

Anyhoo...being the slacker I am, I put off my responsibilities until the last possible chance so this past weekend I found myself on clean up duty. This meant cleaning various classrooms in various levels of messiness (tidying, dirty microwaves, cleaning the sinks, washing down the tables, vacuum and steam cleaning the rugs, and playground upkeep). 

I jumped right in...I mean it was better than painting which I had to do last time. And might I add that I suck at painting and it gets in and on everything.

This time wasn't so bad actually, I got to meet some cool parents I had never met before; Elizabeth, in fact who works for Art Forum Magazine and hung with my friend Vanessa who is also a parent (seen scrubbing away below on the red mat).

I got to try Nola Chicory Iced Coffee from Luv Tea (really tasty)  
Elizabeth on my team got to scrub all the mini-me chairs top to bottom
Took off the fans covers and soaked/washed them
Both photos (top and bottom) are the same mat. The red side was pretty gross  so we washed the mat, flipped it, and mopped the floor underneath. 
This is the after...SPARKLING!

I Clorox cleaned all the fake food

And this is our new sandbox, Yay!! And I know what you are thinking...to be honest no I don't know if more than two kids can fit in it at a time :-)

All in an afternoon's work. What did you guys do this weekend?


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