Aug 14, 2015

Mud Obliteration: the Ultimate Detergent Test

This post is a continuation from The Dirty Girl Mud Run post. When we left off, my two friends Brianna and Cassandre had just finished the Mud Run.

As a favor to them and a thank you for doing the DGMR for me I offered to wash their clothes. A full bag of muddy, soiled clothing met me at my doorstep this past Tuesday and as soon as I opened it I quickly thought to myself what the hell did I agree too????

I opened up my fresh box of Kenmore High Efficiency Laundry Detergent and got to work. I learned about this new detergent, formulated to work with top and front loading machines at the Kenmore press launch a few weeks ago. It smells just like you would expect detergent to smell and comes with a scooper. You used one scoop full and that should do it.

I'm a sucker for a tricked out laundry room so I spent a bunch of time talking to the guy in this area. As you see in the picture they have a new line of washer and dryers as well with all kinds of cool settings like Steam Refresh which you can just drop your clothes in to quickly take the wrinkles out while you do something else. Its similar to a home dry cleaning system. It also removes odors all in a 20 min cycle.  Think about how much money you could save on dry cleaning! The 5.3 cu ft washing machine has amazing capacity as well, holding up to 26 towels in one load. I don't have 26 towels at one time but I do have tons of football, soccer and just stuff with six people in the house.

Nevertheless, I'm going to be honest I'm a liquid detergent girl but I tried the powder and I did have to wash it twice but that's because the clothes were literally drenched in mud as was my machine. The clothes came out sparking clean.

Tip: After super muddy washes like this I like to let my washing machine go a cycle to just cleanse itself with no clothes in it. It will prevent any remaining residue from getting into your next load.


I wanted to cry!
Box as big as your face-lasts 4evah!!

Tutu before
Tutu after

This towel was so dirty that I told Cassandre I couldn't save it. I actually wiped the floor with it after because it thought it was done. I happen to just throw it in the washing machine anyway and I can not even believe how it came out. Look at it for your yourself. Incredible and done with the Kenmore High Efficiency Detergent.

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