Apr 30, 2015

Fix My Photos: Eyefi to the Rescue

I love learning new things. I have no problem sharing what I learned so that other people can get better at what they are doing too. Sharing information allows the community as a whole to get better. In this case, the community I'm referring to are bloggers.

As a blogger I must admit that my photography started out as terrible. I realized in the last year and a half that I was in desparate need of a real camera. My iPhone 4S wasn't cutting it. I didn't have real camera money so instead I upgraded my phone to the new 6 which takes photos at 1.5 micron-pixels. My photos were clearer and I had a lot more editing options. I was coming along in the world that was until once again I compared my shots to other bloggers.

Over Christmas, I was gifted a Canon Powershot camera. While I'm still getting used to it, it does take great shots. The only problem is, I have to take the SD card out of the camera and go home and download to my computer. Not the worst thing you say but the extra steps basically deterred me from using my camera, sending me back to my iPhone as my crutch.

That is until now. Some friends of mine came to visit me in my office recently and dropped a golden nugget on my called Eyefi. Eyefi in essence is a wireless mobile transfer of photos via the Cloud. You can then take your camera quality photos and use them on all your social channels and your blog. It was like I had been given the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket.

I'm sharing this with you so you can also upgrade your blog life. I ordered my Eyefi on Amazon.com ($79) . After I followed the directions to download the app to my phone, swap out my regular SD card for the Eyefi one, followed by creating a profile (missed this step originally and couldn't get the transfer to work) I was all set. You can blow the images up really big without them becoming pixelated. I can not wait to take my In the Kitchen with Chicbusymom shots!!

Here are some of my first shots taken with my new camera and using my Eyefi recently at Brooklyn Bridge Park. What do you think?

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