Dec 16, 2014

AquaBall: Tastes Great & Healthy

Got a box of AquaBall in the mail to try (oh how we love you Olaf) - which are little bottles of water flavored with fruits, berries and a touch of Stevia. There were four flavors in all with Disney characters on them: Berry featuring Frozen, Orange featuring Planes Fire & Rescue, Fruit Punch featuring Disney Princesses and Grape featuring Marvel's Avengers. Didn't know this but Disney is the first company to establish nutritional guidelines which brands must meet in order to be affiliated with the Disney name.

As a parent, you can look for the Disney Mickey Check which lets you make better nutritional choices. AquaBall is the only water beverage that has earned the Mickey Check.

How about this--After I read the paperwork (you know I had to read it to make sure it was safe) I put Aquaball in my kids' lunch. I figured give it a try. I had four bottles so I decided to give two to 2 children on one day and 2 the next. That folks was an instant BAD IDEA! The following day my daughter didn't get one and man the river of tears opened up. Lordy!!! I will never do that again. At least I know they like it --a lot.

At a low price of $1 per bottle that's a deal for 12oz compared to most equivalents that give you 8oz. And did you know that 8oz won't hydrate a 10 yr. old but 12oz will? Yeah, me neither. Plus you get Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12 in every bottle.

AquaBall is sold at Target, Wal-Mart and online at Look for it in store on your next grocery trip. I know I will.  **Chicbusymom was not paid for this article**

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