Oct 1, 2014

BBQ Chicken Pizza: busy mom style

Today I traveled to LA on business but two days ago I promised the kids they'd have BBQ chicken pizza for dinner that upcoming Wednesday. Of course I hate to break my promises soooo...

I set my alarm for 4:30am, snoozed twice  and then finally got up at 5am after a nudge from daddy. Next came a shower and a few last minute things thrown into the suitcase and I was ready to head downstairs to make lunch and then the pizza (this pizza feels like it needs a theme song now). 

The pizza is a easy make no-brainer and a take on what I used to order at California Pizza Kitchen back in the day. It's an instant crowd pleaser and my kids called me in LA to say how much they loved it. 

So with that I'm sharing my semi-homemade recipe with you so you can add it to your own repertoire. Hope you enjoy:

-Whole wheat pizza crust or flatbread (pictured from Target)
-Grilled chicken strips (I buy the bag of Tyson ones from Target-they are kept frozen).
-BBQ sauce (I use Sweet Baby Rays)
-Shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese (Smoked Gouda works well)
-Red onion thinly sliced & green onions fine chopped
-Cilantro (optional)
-Arugula (optional)
-Baking sheet

Place pizza crust on baking sheet and sprinkle cheese liberally to your liking. 

Take a good handful of the frozen chicken strips and put into bowl. Microwave on high for 1.5 minutes to defrost, let cool. Take a knife and cut the strips into 2 inch pieces. Pour BBQ sauce on chicken and toss evenly. Top pizza with coated chicken.

Next sprinkle with red and green onion then drizzle BBQ sauce across the top and bake until cheese is melted and flatbread is crispy but not hard.

Top with a little cilantro (omit if your family doesn't like) and a little Arugula for a few extra veggies or serve with a salad. 


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