May 19, 2014

Embassy Suites: The Great Debate

Lord knows I must be a family travel expert by now- I’ve experienced first hand, written about, and had my friends write about life in the #HaveKidsWillTravel lane--yep I'd say I've had it every way. The family travel season is heating up  so befittingly I attended a panel discussion at Dylan’s Candy Bar with Embassy Suites, Brooke Burke- Charvet and a few of her friends to discuss ‘The Pretty Great Travel Debate’. 

The discussion led by Brooke, her daughter Rain and her son Shaya  (who were super cute and impressive on the mic) were talking to the audience about solutions for family travel. If you are a mom and planning a vacation the below Embassy Suites details are good-to-knows as you prepare:
  1. Am I the only one that didn’t know that Embassy Suites  is all two-room suites? This way the kids can be in one room and parents in the other. Everyone can watch their own shows and I don’t have to worry about the baby kicking me in my face all night. I was so excited about it that I went online to find a room for my trip to Annapolis in June but they were all sold out (insert sad face).
  2. The have free snacks for the kids and cocktails for the parent.
  3. There is free made-to-order breakfast. This is great for my kids because they like warm food and so do I.
  4. Each night there is a family reception- time for everyone to reconnect and wind down
The discussion which by the way I had to struggle to focus because I ate four Jolly Ranchers (THANK YOU DYLAN'S CANDY BAR!) before the conversation even started. That was my fault for having no self control but damn if it wasn't on the table calling my name.
The parent/kid panel 'debated' bedtimes on vacation, shared vs. separate rooms and social media (when is the right time to get a phone). Long story short, I don't currently have a Hilton HHonors (Embassy Suites loyalty program) but I'm signing up for one next week to add to my savings programs for my family.

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