Jan 22, 2014

I'm 40 and feeling GOOD!

Earlier last year I was sitting down thinking about how I would spend my 40th birthday. I wanted to go to Paris (I have never been). I was going to take my girls for 4 days and then my boo for another 5 days. Grand right?!

WRONG--the super fast version of why I'm not in Paris or just returning from Paris is that the Grammy date was announced and it got moved up a whole month. Means my annual pre-Grammy work party had to move up too and my big trip would need to be postponed...Le sigh.

That said, when my birthday actually came I woke up in a slightly somber mood.

I headed to work per usual and as I was walking into the building my friend Vicky walked up on me with a homemade cake topped with the most amazing scroll listing 40 things she likes about me. How splendid?! I smiled a little brighter.

That afternoon, I looked at my calendar and saw I had a call at 4pm. I emailed my colleague that I would take the call from my office. Ring...(call from my President's office) 'She would like everyone to take this call in her office' Ummm...ok (code for we are having a birthday celebration for you so don't mess it up by not coming over here). Sure, I said, I'll be right over. They had my favorite drink (white wine with a splash of St. Germaine) and my favorite desert, Macaroons. Awww, so sweet. I was fortunate.

 That evening, my husband picked me up from the train with a white rose and a bottle of champagne (I heart him). I didn't know where we were going but I've been married long enough to him not to ask and to just sit back and wait. Two hours later, we were nestled in at Le Petite Crevette  (with this weirdly interesting sculpture standing above us) in Cobble Hill and my belly was full of Branzino and an entire bottle of Vueve Cliquot. I feel blessed and drunk :-/

That Friday my friends took me to dinner and we shared good wine, hugs and laughs and on Sunday the kids got to sing happy birthday with my favorite cake (even though a slice was mysteriously missing before we even started)...Cherry-On-Top.

I'm now sitting here in LA for work and will have a birthday dinner out her tonight after my event. This has been an amazing 40th so far with all the mini celebrations and I'm truly humbled for all the love. I'm in good health, I look pretty good and my family is well. With all that I'm not complaining because I'M FEELING GOOD! So with that I'm sharing a little Nina Simone.

I'm going to close this out with the top 40 things I'm excited about at this stage of my life:

1.  Becoming serious about the reshaping of my figure

2. Watching my kids get older and go into their next phases

3. Taking long and short trips of around the world with my husband

4. Appreciating the youthfulness in my face

5. New opportunities for growth

6.  Freeing my mind of baggage so I can be open to #5

7.  Eating healthier

8. Being a more active community member

9. Learning to swim

10. Going to Paris

11. Going to Spain

12. Renovating our home

13. Enjoying our home

14. Business ROI

15. Telling people what I think and not giving a crap

16. Getting published

17. Launching Chicbusymom brand extensions

18. Using visioning more 

19. Visiting my family

20. Taking my vitamins

21. Getting a new mattress so my neck and back don't hurt all the time

22. Relaxing more

23. Financial prosperity (long money vs. short money)

24. Expanding my recipe repertoire 

25. Learning basic code so I can make tweaks to the blog on my own

26. Moving my blog over to WordPress (I think)

27. Going to Africa

28. Not having to pay tuition for private school

29. Taking my kids on my trips out of the country

30. Learning to DJ

31. Learning to play the drums

32. Learn my mom's recipes

33. Being home more

34. Appreciating the moment I'm in

35. Increase my partnerships with brands

36. Communicate better

37. Love and appreciate the people around me more

38. Try to hug people back

39. Say 'No' more often

40. Say 'Thank You' more often