Dec 24, 2013

Shake Your Groove Thing!

If you are still without the perfect outfit for New Years Eve-because you actually have a party to go to unlike myself-then I have six sparkly numbers just waiting for you to swipe your credit card. Obviously, this applies to those of us who weren't hacked recently while shopping at Target (and I still went in there 2 days later-couldn't resist) recently.

Online there are promises that you can receive the items by NYE if you order by December 26th- so make like Kool And The Gang and CELEBRATE!

1. Asos Playsuit with Stripe Embellishment, $81.67

2.  Asos Body Conscious Dress, $59.89

3. Topshop Sequin Velvet Shift Dress, $136

4. Asos Playsuit in Neon Check, $68.06

5. Animal Sequin Mini Dress, $154.27

6. Asos Block Sequin Mini Cami Dress, $49.90

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year hot mommas!

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