Mar 1, 2013

Be Sure To Water Your Garden...

The last few months at work have been insane to say the least. I'm sure if you look at the date stamp from this post and the previous one you will see a huge gap in time. That's because of my job and a little something we call Red Carpet Season (RCS).

RCS is basically the time of year when all the award shows happen from Golden Globes and Emmys to The Grammys and Oscars. Anyway, my work schedule at this time hits a fever pitch an essentially taking over all aspects of my life. I basically get home late A LOT, on my blackberry all times of the night, am gone for 4-5 days at a time for the events themselves and basically mentally drained.

By the time the season is over all I want to do is crawl into a corner and do something really low tech like count the clouds in the sky. That being said, if you are a mother you know that kids don't understand if you are tired so I do my best to pull myself out of my bed on the weekends and attend whatever practices they have and add some sort of fun element like horseback riding, the children's museum or whatever because I don't want them to lose out.

What I realized just recently however, is that I had not taken the same care and pushed myself that extra step with my husband. I had spread myself so thin that by the time  I was done with work, the kids, attending to my house all I wanted to do was sleep. When this year's award season was over I had an awakening-it was time to step my game up.

At work I was winning industry awards and being lauded with congratulatory emails but had I put forth the same energy into my beautiful flower in my own garden at home? No I hadn't. It was time to make a change.

Enjoyed Prosecco infused with strawberry puree on V-Day
With the weight of the season off my chest I could focus on being a present gardener. Full transparency he also has a really full schedule and a lot on his plate. We talked and collectively decided to focus on nurturing our love roots.

Made him smothered chicken. It was the
For various couples that can mean many things but for us that meant something simple as calling each other every day during our work days just to say hello (something we had done before but had fallen by the wayside) to sharing a bottle of wine after the kids have gone to sleep. Even better yet, stealing a night away at a local hotel sans our three mini-mees so we can reconnect and get back to each other. 

It hasn't been that long but its been really lovely just being still and quiet in the moment with My Love. Marriage is a wild winding ride full of highs and lows-it is a lot of work and that is just real talk. The added layer of being working parents only makes that journey more fulfilling and complex. 

In my mind, they are all gifts that you must appreciate and care for and remember why you chose them and they you. You must make the effort to treat your relationships like an impeccably delicate garden. Be sure to water it, check the soil, and feed it regularly. The partnership in love will continue to grow and you will remember why you planted that first kiss, I mean seed in the first place.

How do you ladies out there tend to your own gardens to make sure they stay healthy? Share your tips. 

Thanks and until next time...


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