Jul 20, 2012

Cake Cake Cake...

Oh baby I like it...yeah well that's about all the Rihanna your gonna get out of me. This post is about bringing out your inner Betty Crocker and making some great cupcakes in the process that your kids will love.

Last weekend, my husband and I decided to drop my oldest off at football and take the other two to brunch and then to the park nearby. Little did I know that when we got there we would happen upon a 3 yr. old birthday party for one of my son's classmates. 

The mom, Missy, has moved up to bakery guru in my eyes with these delicious Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes (pictured) she made for the birthday party. They were so expertly made (I thought she bought them) that I had to share them with you.  

THE RECIPE: In Missy Brown's own words...

I am a librarian (by day and Cupcake Boss by night--totally my words) so I did tons of research by looking at lots of pics online (just Google) and came up with what I thought would work best. This is the cupcake recipe that I used http://www.marthastewart.com/353205/billys-vanilla-vanilla-cupcakes (you can't go wrong with Martha!).

I used the recipe for buttercream frosting that is on the side of the Domino's Sugar box, adding a pinch of salt since I'm obsessed with salty/sweet things and food coloring. I iced the cupcakes with red and blue icing (for the respective monsters), then dipped them in red or blue sprinkles (they won't look nearly as good with white icing - I tried). 

  • For Elmo's nose I bought orange Jordan almonds at Dylan's Candy Shop but you could use a gum drop, Peanut M&M, jelly bellies, or something similar. 
  • The eyes are sliced marshmallows. I drew on the eyes with an edible dye pen. You could also make eyes with icing that you pipe out of a pastry bag and then stick in a black jellybean for the pupil but that seemed like more hassle than even I was willing to do. 
  • Elmo's mouth was an Oreo cut in half and Cookie Monster had a quarter of a chocolate chip cookie. 
I got over feeling like I gave in to the commercialization when everyone was praising me for my glorious cupcakes. And my husband works for Sesame Workshop, so we could just blame him for being the bad influence.

Either way Missy, the kids and I loved them and they are forever immortalized in print and Instagram. Great job!

Hey CBM's, Missy has taken most of the guess work out of this one for us so feel free to replicate for you kid's next party and send me a picture so I can post to the blog. Happy baking.


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