May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Day to the Max

This past holiday weekend we packed our bags and hit the road to visit our good friends who moved from Brooklyn to a town outside of Philadelphia called Berwyn. The houses are sprawling (like MTV cribs sprawling), the weather was amazing and the fun was endless.

Check out our trip to the Franklin Institute where the kids made sheets of paper from recycled paper waste, Devon Horse Show and Fair. There is video of the adults doing the Wobble but I opted out of sharing that one :-)

Shaq's size 22 sneaker!
Baby boy on some sort of scale-a-ma-bob.
This is post his thermonuclear meltdown

Custom Riding Boots at the Devon Horse Show

Had never been to a horse show before. It was very cool and just like 
you see on TV except the poop was live and everywhere!

Sugary goodness on a paper plate

Note to self: Merry-Go-Rounds make me dizzy

These are the steps from the movie Rocky.
I was so excited but the kids all gave me the blank stare. #NotTheirEra

There it is folks. How did you guys celebrate this past Memorial Day? I can't remember when was the last time I had that much fun (well maybe Jamaica but my kids weren't there then). 


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