Jan 17, 2012

Mama is 30Great: My Cinderella Story

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 this Chicbusymom turned 38 and for the first time in my life I nearly choked letting the words leave my mouth. I'm slightly even ashamed to admit that I told my son I was turning 29 (he believed me and I didn't correct him). I don't know, I never really cared about my age but this year, 38 seemed a little too close for comfort to 40.

Anyway, once I got over the initial shock I realized I needed and wanted a par-tay! My dear better half offered to do whatever I wanted so I decided I needed to gather all my peeps and shake-what-my-mama-gave-me while it still hangs relatively in its place. If there was any good reason to celebrate this was it.

One problem, I decided this on Monday, January 9th! I know, I know I'm an event planner so I should have prepared better but at work its Red Carpet Awards season (translation: Mama is slammed planning parties around The Grammy's and Oscars). What was an aging-girl-in-the-city to do? We call friends with connections and get the job done. By that Tuesday, I had a venue (sent out my Save-the-Dates that day) and on Thursday, I had an invite. Yay!!!

On Friday evening, I was stressing about my outfit because I didn't have time to go look/get anything. Luckily my trusty friend Chardy did a drive by at Saks for me and gave me some great inspiration. After trying on about seven outfits, I landed on a this hot black lace romper from BCBG BCBG Max Azria romper  (got to the checkout counter and it was on SALE..happy birthday to me!). I was slightly worried about it since I'm a woman of a certain age but I went with it vowing to wear my bare legs and all. That was...until I stepped outside that Friday night and was like 'oh hell nah' its like 19 degrees, I needed tights. I wondered would that ruin the look of my outfit? The old lady in me said, "Wear the tights girl, you don't want to catch the death of cold".

BCBG Max Azria romper
Anyhoo, I met up with my friend Chaba that night who was so sad she wouldn't make it to my party all the while, listening to me complain about the fear of cold legs that she whipped out the most FABULOUS pair of Fogal tights (see below--they are the Passion line).  Woohoo, I was on a roll. Outfit-check, tights-check. Glam time...

On Saturday, I went to the hair dresser with baby girl to get all dolled up. Mint (that is my hairdresser's name) gave me super sleek sexy hair and then willingly offered to let me borrow her kick ass YSL pumps. I mean, what kind of life am I living that I have this kind of luck?! I was all set. My other friends were getting cupcakes, bringing votives, and planning to DJ (insert 50 cent song here: Go Go Go shorty its your birthday, gonna party like its your birthday, Gonna sip Bacardi like its your birthday...)

I went home to put it all together (stopped at Walgreen's to get false eyelashes first of course). Needless, to say, I never wear eyelashes so by the time I got to this portion of the prep completed I was way late. My poor husband was already waiting in the car (and waiting, and...) ready to take me to his own surprise for me. About an 1hr and 30 minutes later I emerged from the house with slightly ajar lashes but ready to go. However,  by this time I had pushed his surprise for me too far and we no longer could go--AGAST!!! I was so sad, I had no idea of the lovely, wine, cheese and delicately sliced soppresata (CBM loves Cheese and a proper Charcuterie) that was waiting for our horseback ride in Central Park. Being the good sweet sport he is, we rescheduled for later date (note to self: remember to take him up on that one) and another horse :-/ #lovethatman.

Long story short, I had a blast Saturday night and so did all my guests. The music was fantastic, the space beautiful and there was just a lot of love in the room. And on Sunday, after waking up with a massive headache (you can translate that one on your own) I followed it up with a nice family dinner and my favorite devil's food chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting baked by mom (cuz I'm still HER baby girl).

I want to thank any and everyone that had any part in my 30Great birthday, I truly felt like Cinderella this past weekend. I'm doing just fine with my age now and its in large part due to my family and friends.

Check out the Hilarity!: http://vimeo.com/35238417

Bonus Shout Outs to: Babe, Uncle Phil, Chaba, Lucy, Vicky, Chardy, Che Che, DJ Graze and Voodou Longe in BK.

Smooches Hot Chicks,


Anonymous said...

Whoop! You're my 30Great inspiration! Great hubbie, beautiful babies, doing what you love and might I add...STILL LOOK F'N GOOD! :)

KayCee said...

you were having too much fun!! that is what it should have looked like. Happy Belated birthday.

chicbusymom said...

Thanks Unknown...I did have a blast. Woohoo!

Sheree said...

Just checking out your blog. Girl you are fierce! I love it. As a thirty something mother of three as well, I felt every emotion in this piece. Proud of you! Happy Belated! Be well.