Oct 17, 2011

Weekend Tidbits...

Hey CBMs and friends,

Did you all have a fabulous weekend? I had a busy one as usual filled with one thing or the other. So let's not mess around shall well? Roll call!

On Friday after work I decided to call up my friend Vicky (sometimes I spell this with a 'i' and she literally sends me death threats) to see what she was doing and she promptly invited me to the Clover Club. I had never heard of the Clover Club but I figured this should count as research since I am an event planner after all-Damnit I need to know what is going on. I went online and saw these two reviews:

Clover Club: 'strolled in here one night to get a drink... DOPE
DRINKS!!! Had a great time here!"
and another from New York Magazine reads: The cocktail craze that has intoxicated New York spills over into Cobble Hill, where Flatiron Lounge’s Julie Reiner opened Clover Club. Then Casey at work says 'I hear its the new 'it' place'--ok, ok, twist my arm. I was in!

I decided that I needed to up my lipstick cred first so I stopped by the MAC store in Times Square and came up on two awesome colors, Rebel and Up the Amp (left to right). The Rebel one is the perfect wine/pink color for Fall (Score!)

After a sickening 2 train ride to BK we got to the Clover Club which is very Brooklyn and very speakeasy with a nice little back private room for a small event. I ordered this drink which I had recently at Tillman's in Chelsea. Its basically a Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail:
1 part creme de cassis
5 parts Champagne

But then I added St. Germain (Yum!) so now its called the CBM:

I rushed out of there though to hit the market and buy a few things for my Big Fat Dinner Party on Sunday then headed home.

On Saturday, I had to make a hard choice to miss my son's football game and take baby girl to her first dance class!!! I was so excited it was almost like I was channeling Debbie Allen from FAME. 'Fame cost, and right here is where you start paying'. Baby girl was super excited also. So off she went to unlock that graceful swan trapped way, way, way deep inside her.

All was gravy until they closed the doors and baby boy started screaming at the top of his lungs that he wanted to go too. There I was trying to maintain my nervous smile as the other parents looked on. In my brain I'm beggin for Calgon but instead I just got up and took him for a walk. After class, I decided to take the munchkins to the park for some fresh air. We watched the ducks by the lake and took in all Prospect Park had to offer. So much so, babygirl needed a break. There she is taking one while munching on her cheese stick with salami.

Later that day as I prepped for the Big Fat Dinner Party I asked my friend to hang this amazing picture he gave us in the living room. Its been sitting there a little while and what better time to hang it then the day before a big event. He agreed and so here it is...isn't is awesome?

The painting, by Brooklyn artist Craig Anthony Miller or CAM is called Ganapati (I believe). In the past four years , Ganapati has become a staple in CAMs paintings. Originally becoming intrigued with the deity from a friends introduction. Out of the many Deities, CAMs connection to Lord Ganesh become the one image that he attached to. The remover of obstacles and the great lord of success was something prevelant in the painting theme over the years.

Ganapati grew into a visual mantra as they morphed into over a dozen micro series covering brick walls, car hoods, and canvas. The series of the elephant god continues to grow through private commissions, graphic tees and a new jewelery line debuting in the fall of 2011. You can check out a cool mural he did at Don Pedro's restaurant in DUMBO (Be a fatty for a day and get the desert nachos!!).

Anyhoo, that brought me to Sunday with lots of family visiting for dinner and plenty of laughs. Busy busy as only I can do...what did You do this weekend?

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