Nov 21, 2010

Let's Get Physical-Physical, I wanna get physical (in my best Olivia Newton John voice)

Starting tomorrow my husband has vowed to help me make my Middy (n: the muffin-top like area that sits where your once flat stomach used to be. Usually more pronounced with the addition of children) disappear. He has fixed his mind on the fact that he is up to this task. I should remind you all that I have had 3 children and said Middy is something of a phenomenon. Nonetheless, we are getting up at 5:00am to begin our run/walk regimen.

The best part about my Middy (and yeah I made that up)is that it stands out like a sore thumb. For the most part I'm relatively smallish everywhere else so the Middy makes me look 5 1/2 mths pregnant. People literally still offer me seats on the train. I try to camouflage it as best I can but some days I just don't feel like wearing Spanx (not for people with real Middy issues), Flexees, TummyShapers or whatever else (I've even worn two once). I own so many of these things that I can choose a different one for each day of the week (but that's a whole other post).

Luckily for me, my husband still seems interested in the goods so I'm even more appreciative that he has decided to be an active participant in my weight loss because to be honest I had given up. I can't say I'm that excited by my 5am call time but I'm game for the challenge.

I'll check back in on my progress in about two weeks or earlier if my husband goes all pycho-trainer on me (insert 'Dear Lord make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here')here. But until then, let's all say a banish prayer for my Middy.

And when that day comes I'm having a bonfire for all the Middy controllers and you all are invited!

Middy Be Gone-
Peace Hot Chicks.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

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Losing in the City said...

ok, once you discover the solution to the middy, you must share with the world...