Apr 8, 2008


I decided to start this blog because I have some many things going on in my head at one time that honestly this is really a way to get it all out in one cohesive and intelligent thought.

I run the events department at a magazine in NYC and I'm constantly talking to other moms and other busy people about how to juggle it all and make life look flawless--newsflash, its virtually impossible and easy to get overwhelmed, unless you compartmentalize it all. This blog is for moms who thought they were too busy to do anything fantastic for themselves or their family-I'm here to tell you, you can.

I have two beautiful children, a wonderful husband and a great family that helps me out a lot. I enjoy entertaining but for a while there I thought I'd never see a beautifully set table or taste an esquisitely made dish again, all because I never had the time...OR at least I thought.

I figured out that paying the bills online, getting the kids fed, homework done, bathed and dressed while telling my husband where his keys, watch, and cell phone were all while planning a 4 course meal, with a cool theme was definitely possible! As long as you planned ahead.

Any good hostess worth her salt does not wait until the last minute to do anything. Make lists-start from what is going to take the longest to do or plan and break it down from there. Obviously this will be different for home events vs. events at locations, etc. but you get the point.

Your family and friends will appreciate your attention to detail and I promise you will be the Life of the Party.