Apr 28, 2008

Get Your Summer On! - Part II

As promised I'm back with the next and final installments for our Summer Party string. This post will focus on seating and music. Read on for some quick tips.

If you are dealing with seated parties, let one thing repeat over and over in your head--'how can I make this interesting?' One of the best things about parties is the opportunity to meet new people, particularly for those folks who have a hard time drumming up conversations with people they don't know (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and its ok).

As a hostess you have the powerful role of playing matchmaker, jobfinder, thoughprovoker, and firestarter with your seating chart. People who would have never sat next to each other will thank you (ummm hopefully) for their newfound opportunity. I for one never seat couples together (BORING)--trust me they will be fine for a couple of hours apart. They'll thank you the next day for the car-ride home fodder. Think strategically about the folks who are coming and who might benefit from meeting whom.

I'm an old school/classic R&B girl- of course my husband thinks I'm so corny but WHATEV. You should Do You but try to stick to one consistent theme or a common thread for your party.

Anyway, the feeling I get when I hear these old songs takes me back to a place that was fun and carefree- you remember...the one with no bills. Party music is so key to setting the mood instantly with your guests so choose wisely.

Take the time to create a special mix/playlist for you shindig. Mo'Note: If you are really feeling yourself you can create a special CD Jacket and put it on display as a 'Now Listening' feature. Go the extra step to burn copies for each of your guests as a thank you. I'm all about gifts with mulitple uses (saves money and time-and we all need during this impending Recession right?)

Whatever the case, have fun with it, people will appreciate such a personal gift.

-Smooches Hot Chicks

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