Mar 18, 2014

Family Vacation: Walk it Out

Jade and Jett exploring a map at
 Dinoland U.S.A.
My family and I recently went to Walt Disney World for a vacation. Packing for myself and my kids always leads to some level of stress. This time I tried to be ahead of the game and lay everyone's outfits out and put the outfits together in the bags as such so the kids could whip them out easily without me and get dressed.

I knew we would be doing a lot of walking (I'm not a walking girl) so I paid a lot of attention to our footwear and breathable easy-on pieces. We scored a whole suite of shoes from our friends at Nike to road test on this trip (thank you Nike!) and let me tell you that we are so glad we wore sneakers. I can't tell you enough how important it is to have comfortable shoes on these types of trips where you are on your feet for upwards of 5 hours or more. Be smart and spend some time on quality footwear.

Lebron Soldier VII Nike sneakers, Party T-shirt
and J.Crew khakis

Nike Free 5.0 sneakers, Appaman t-shirt and J.Crew Shorts

Welkin NYC tshirt and a few of the model's favorite things

Nike Air Max sneakers, J.Crew shorts and Target t-shirt

Appaman t-shirt, J.Crew bubble skirt and Nike Free 5.0 sneakers

I made the mistake of wearing a  these lovely pair Madewell flats one day to Hollywood Studios and boy did I regret it! They are definitely made for more of a short spin vs. long hours of walking (painful note to self). I should have stuck to my Nike Air Revolution Ski Hi's (fiah!)

After that I needed to give my feet a rest so we headed straight for the pool and the cool water. Woosah!

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PhotoStory Collections said...

YES! I wore a pair of leopard flats the first day of our Disney trip and lived in my sneakers for the rest of the trip lol