Dec 19, 2011

What I'm NOT Going to do this Holiday Season

These last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by the incessant 'Sale' emails,  numerous food related gifts, holiday cards, and holiday school responsibilities. 

Therefore, I felt it necessary to share my battle cry (of sorts ) of what this Chicbusymom is NOT going to do this holiday season. 

In Top Five form:

1. I will not fall prey to glitzy eblasts and the endless impossible-to-beat deals that I keep receiving. Instead, I have written out a very specific list of who I am buying for. I made a promise to not to shop for myself during any online or rare in-person shopping experience (until after Christmas). I will stay on budget and will only buy for my Secret 'Family' Santa (a great way to save money with the adults in your fam), the kids and a few others.

2. I will not fall victim to gaining back the entire 17lbs I lost (yes you heard me right--17 whole pounds! insert the following lyric She's a Bad Mama Jama). This means seriously eating in moderation when attending the numerous office holiday parties or saying no to the occasional glass of wine. Because honestly, its not worth it to have to start from scratch all over again.

3. I am not going to feel guilty that I didn't shoot, create, print and mail any holiday cards this year. Instead, I will secretly throw something together to get out for New Years or my mother and mother-in-law will kill me. Who am I fooling, guilt is a mother!

4. I will not lose track of all the end-of-the-semester school presentations, holiday potlucks, plays, etc. that happen around this time. I will promise to put all commitments in my calendar and coordinate with my husband to splice ourselves so we can be there.

5.  Lastly, I am not going to listen to the children complain about the Trash/Keep/Donate toy piles they have to create before Christmas comes for the following three reasons:

                          a. Because I said so!
                          b. Because if you have never/hardly played with it I'm sure another child would  love to put it to good use (trying to teach a little graciousness here).
                          c. There is no damn room.


Smooches Hot Chicks,