Dec 30, 2011

Top 2011 Mommy Learnings

Hey all you beautiful strong positive busy mothers out there, this year is finally coming to an end. I can hardly believe it actually. It has been a year of ups and downs, revelations, new experiences and so on.

I'm going to take a moment to reflect on the most memorable moments/learnings of 2011:

1. I learned that not all children develop the same. Case in point, my youngest son took a lot longer to walk then my other two children. We even let our pediatrician talk us into Early Intervention to make sure he wasn't delayed developmentally. He literally walked about 2 weeks after the report was filed that ultimately said he was fine. I am happy to say he is now running and all over the place with his brother and sister.

Lesson: Believe in yourself and your children

2. That if you are really serious about blogging you need to put in the time, research, and development to make your blog fruitful and a place people come to regularly for insightful information.

3. Coming up with new and interesting ideas for your blog is HARD!

4. The education of your children is not a passive act that can be left solely to the school in which your kids are enrolled. As parents your responsibility will be to:

  • Work with and check homework nightly
  • Provide enrichment work even when they are on 'vacation' because this IS a competitive marketplace. 
  • Investigate places like KUMON/Sylvan learning centers/and tutors to work with your children in areas where they need help. Do not wait for something to become a problem before you address it
  • Do not accept what the teachers/administrators tell you as fact about YOUR child. Do your own research and ask as many questions as you can to as many people that are available to you. Use your network.
5.  That 'loss of metabolism' is a cruel joke played on you by the Age Gods and thinking that weight will eventually come off is an even bigger joke. What you put in your mouth is half the battle. Make a choice and make a commitment. Trust me, getting into your 'I'm too fat for these jeans' (these turquoise ones I bought from Gilt) is an awesome accomplishment.

6. Vacations that require you taking a plane are a LUXURY with multiple children. Road-trip based vacations can be fun, educational, family-bonding excursions that are much more cost effective for large families.

7. Semi-homemade cooking is a lifesaver for a working mother:
  • Whether you combine short-cut based ingredients to your meals or save time by preparing things to use later, having a well-thought out plan will save you in the end
8. Date nights are good and scheduling them is also helpful
  • Wine on date nights are even better :-)

9. I should have bought an iPhone-its just better. 
  • Having to walk around with my charger for my cracked Droid all the time is not a good look for a well prepared mother!

10.  Better organization is paramount. 

Mommies, you are powerful, awe inspiring beings. So pat yourselves on the back as you say goodbye to 2011 and look ahead to 2012. 

It will only get better. Love and live your life to the fullest and with that I'm outta here!

Smooches Hot Chicks,


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